Maxime Livio wins Top 10 Indoor Eventing at Sweden International

Sweden International Horse Show Indoor Eventing Maxime Livio Boleybawn Prince

Maxime LIvio and Bolybawn Prince



France’s Maxime Livio became the first Agria Top 10 Champion of Indoor Eventing at the 2022 Sweden International Horse Show

The new format competition featured a two-round class, with Maxime Livio riding Bolybawn Prince taking the first class on Thursday, giving him the advantage of going last in the final round

In the end he won the second round as well by just one hundredth of a second, giving the spectators at Friends Arena in Stockholm plenty to get excited about.

Sweden’s Frida Andersén riding Box Compris took second place much to the delight of the local crowd and Germany’s Olympic Champion, Julia Krajewski riding Nickel 21 took third.

“It is a cool show really, with a great audience and, I think, an interesting course” said Julia “You couldn’t just go for it, so the riders got tested”


Frida Andersén and Box Compris


Maxime’s two wins netted him a cool 225,000 Swedish Krona (200,000 for the final win and 25,000 for the first round, equating to approximately 20,700 Euros) on the 17-year-old Bolybawn Prince who has had a long career in eventing and has a penchant for the Indoor Arena style of eventing

“You have to ride him well because he is so talented, so if you make a mistake you can really blame yourself. So, I was really focused today on doing my best” said Maxime

“I think this was a good demonstration of what cross country is, with trouble for some and really nice rounds for others and the finish really close”

The USA's Boyd Martin riding the borrowed horse Caruccio Paradise finished fifth and the World Number One, New Zealand's Tim Price took eighth place on Celladonn

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Sweden International Horse Show Indoor Eventing Maxime Livio Bolybawn Prince

Winners - Maxime LIvio and Bolybawn Prince