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Becoming an Eventer - Xanthe Goldsack

    Xanthe Goldsack and HiTech trot up at Blenheim Palace International 2019


During the British lockdown we were contacted by Ruth Gregory, a final year Journalism student at the University of Leeds, to ask if she could use some of our cross country footage in a series of interviews with eventing riders. We were intrigued, and now delighted, to see the results.

Ruth contacted four riders in her local area of Cheshire and talked to them about their eventing career, the problems they have faced and how they have overcome them.   

We all know that eventing is a sport that not only demands talent and dedication but also money and time. In this first interview Xanthe Goldsack, who is studying Genetics at University as well as competing at 4* level, talks candidly about how riders without a lot of resources behind them can make it work

Great work, Ruth and Xanthe, both working hard in the fields of the sport they are passionate about ..... yes