Track to the Top 10 - Luhmuhlen 2018

Thanks to Start Box and Stats guru Chris Kirby, here is the breakdown of the Track to the Top Ten for the 2018 Luhmuhlen CCI4*

Check out how each rider fared in each phase - who made the big jumps (metaphorically as well as literally) up the leader board and when they happened plus a look at the numbers over the past three years

The 50 penalty rule had consequences for both Tim Lips and Piggy French who would have finished 1st and 4th respectively if they had not missed the flags - Piggy was one of the six riders to make the time on cross country despite the 50 penalties and Tim only picked up 0.8 time penalties. Both riders also jumped clear on the final day

Everyone said that Mike Etherington-Smith’s second year as course designer here had resulted in a tougher course and the stats bear that out with a significantly higher number of eliminations and retirements in 2018 compared to 2017 and lower percentages of clear rounds inside the time



Laura Collett was the only rider to finish on her dressage score while Sweden’s Anna Freskgard made the biggest jump up the leader board after the dressage. And talking of dressage, only three riders in the top 10 after dressage were in the final top 10 – Jonelle Price, Kitty King and Ros Canter

Check out how this compares to the stats for Badminton and Kentucky; the stats for Jonelle and Ros are impressive at Badminton and Luhmuhlen with Ros’ consistency across all phases on two different horses particularly impressive