Second horse inspection at Badminton

      Both of Oliver Townend's horses were accepted


Another beautiful sunny morning greeted the competitors and the Ground Jury for the all-important Second Horse Inspection in front of the imposing Badminton House at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials and today the inspection was maybe even more critical than usual

The cross country day action had ended with a big question mark hanging over Oliver Townend’s head, especially in light of the Roelx Grand Slam in the offing. Straight after finishing his second ride on Ballaghmor Class and chatting with the press, Oliver was taken aside by the Technical Delegate for a conversation with officials. A statement was later issued saying that

 “The Ground Jury interviewed Oliver Townend (GBR) regarding his riding of his horses Cooley SRS and Ballaghmore Class at Badminton 5th May 2018.

They gave him an official warning regarding his over-use of the whip on both horses and told him that the horses would be checked very carefully on Sunday morning for the horse inspection for their fitness to compete in the jumping phase”

They did indeed make a point of looking at both horses very carefully and Cooley SRS was sent to the Hold Box although Ballaghmor Class, sitting in second place, was immediately passed. When Oliver re-presented Cooley SRS the Ground Jury unusually asked him to stand Cooley SRS in front of them after discussions with the vet but then passed him without having to re-trot


      Sadly, no more competition for 18 year old Nereo today


Also in the Hold Box was the defending champion, Andrew Nicholson’s Nereo who was withdrawn at that point and is unfortunately out of the competition before the final phase

There was a heartfelt ripple of applause for the acceptance of Zagreb with Alex Bragg, whose second horse Redpath Ransom was very sadly put down after sustaining an irreparable injury to the right fore suspensory ligament whilst galloping between Fences 27 and 28

It’s nice to see that even the most experienced riders in the world can make a boo-boo and Mark Todd suddenly realised at the last minute that he had forgotten to take the boots off Kiltubrid Rhapsody, causing a bit of a laugh.

Ros Canter trotted up Allstar B herself this morning; on Wednesday the big boy was so buzzed up, Ros had the farrier trot him but today Allstar B looked in great shape but slightly more manageable. Always a cool customer, Ros certainly looked very relaxed while waiting for the press conference yesterday (below) and she will need all that composure today



Regis Prud'hon's Kaiser HDB 4175 was also sent to the Hold Box but passed on re-presenting so, at the end of the second horse inspection, all horses presented (Harry Dzenis did not present Dromgurrihy Blue) apart from Nereo go through to the final phase

The overnight leader, Jonelle Price’s Classic Moet, looked on fantastic form and this is going to be a very big day for these two ladies who were so impressive on cross country yesterday