Changes to British Eventing rules for 2019


British Eventing has updated its rules for the start of the 2019 eventing season in the UK with Continuing Performance Requirements, Rider Falls and Medical Checks, Entry Fees and Prizemoney and Mandatory Body Protectors among the key changes


Continuing Performance Requirements


New for 2019, the BE Continuing Performance Requirements result from the EquiRatings data analysis project with horses and riders at all levels required to maintain performance standards, through the safe completion of the cross country phase.

Following the ongoing data analysis work around risk carried out by EquiRatings, it was found that whilst the majority of the membership is competing with the normal levels of risk, there exists, at every level, a small percentage who continues to compete at a level despite consistent poor performance.

The Continuing Performance Requirements are:


A horse which, at any level, incurs either

  • two consecutive cross country eliminations, as a result of refusal, run out or fall of horse or rider, or
  • a total of three such eliminations within a 12 month rolling period may not compete again at the level, or the highest level, at which the eliminations were incurred, until an MER standard round has been completed at the level immediately below that at which the eliminations were incurred,


  • if incurred at different levels, at the level below the highest level at which the eliminations were incurred.


A rider of a horse or horses which incur two Continuing Performance Requirements within a 12 month rolling period will be referred under Rule 3.8.4 as found in the BE Rules and Members’ Handbook

Continuing Performance Requirements use eliminations obtained through accumulated refusals, falls and three refusals at one fence. Elimination for another reason (e.g. missing a fence out) or a retirement would not trigger a Continuing Performance Requirement.


Rider Falls and Medical Checks

Competitors must not leave the event site after a fall until they have been examined by an Event Doctor and any competitor who does leave will be subject to automatic medical suspension


Entry Fees and Prize Money

In October 2018, BE announced changes to entry fees and prize money, with an increase of 2.25% for both, which will come into effect this season.

The cost of a BE80 (T) entry is now £77.92 and the Advanced entry fee is £176.69 (see below)

BE level

Current entry fee (2018 incl VAT  & AIP


Revised entry fee (2019)





BE90/100 w/o PM




BE90/BE100/BE105 with PM

















Body Protector

From 1 January 2019 a body protector that meets BE requirements is mandatory for cross country and whenever else a body protector is required to be worn

Full details can be found in the BE Rules and Members' Handbook HERE.