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A soggy day at Tryon for second horse inspection

While the actual arenas are holding up and will hopefully be fine for the rest of the competition, getting around the facility poses some problems. Spectator car parks have now been temporarily moved due to damage to access roads


All the horses presented before the Ground Jury at the Final Horse Inspection at 2pm at a soggy Tryon passed to go forward to the final phase, the show-jumping at 10am tomorrow. A steady drizzle fell throughout and is forecast to continue for most of the night. The arenas are all holding up well, but some of the aisles between the rings, the car park and the tracks are flooded or beginning to deteriorate.

Five horses were held but passed upon re-inspection; they were Ireland’s Horseware Stellor Rebound ridden by Sarah Ennis and currently lying in bronze medal position individually. Sarah was asked to ask a couple of times with a looser rein, and the crowd cheered loudly once she was passed. Also for Ireland, Sam Watson and Horseware Ardagh Highlight were sent to the holding box but were accepted quickly on their second look.

Merel Blom’s Rumour Has It was held at the first Horse Inspection, and again today for another look but passed after the hold, and Renske Kroeze’s Jane Z was asked to jog a couple of times coming out of the hold but was ultimately accepted.

Brazil had a heart-stopping moment too with Nilson Moreira Da Silva being sent to the holding box with Magnum’s Martini, but both are through to the final phase.

The ground jury had a closer look at a rub on Donner’s right side, where the spur hits, and asked Lynn Symansky to take particular care with it.

Sweden’s Box Qutie, the horse transported from the finish with a soft tissue injury, did not present.

In particular the British horses looked really good, as did the Canadians, the US horses, the French and the Japanese.

Props to the grooms as always for turning out the horses so beautifully in less than ideal conditions, and for always taking such wonderful care of them. Show-jumping is in the big arena, the Best Bank Arena where the pure dressage took place, starting at 10am Monday morning.

Article by Samantha Clark

       Still smiling despite the rain - Kevin McNab and Tim Price


       Shane Rose and Virgil