Tryon WEG cross country course


It's cross country day at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon and there have been a few changes to the course but what did some of the riders think of the original course?


Ludwig Svennerstal “I think it’s a good course; obviously now it seems like it’s going to be fairly firm, like if it doesn’t rain I think it walks fairly firm now and fast. It depends a lot on the ground: if we have these ground conditions it’s difficult, but if it gets soft then I think the time will be very hard. I think Mark has built a very good course with very fair questions but it’s difficult. I don’t think they need to take any fences out but I don’t know about the weather and that sort of thing so I’m sure they will make the right decisions.”

Phillip Dutton: “We’ve all trained for [running the full length] and I believe the teams were picked for that so I believe it’s the right decision. Nobody wants to see bad press and exhausted horses but I think the riders will set out knowing that hill is at the end and keep that in mind at the beginning of the course as well.”

Ingrid Klimke: “Definitely it’s demanding with the last hill, but we knew it before so we all trained a lot and the horses are all in good condition. There are beautiful jumps out there, the ground feels really nice and I think it will be a wonderful day tomorrow. If the hill stays in for me it is fine because we had a very hot summer in Germany and the horses got used to the heat, we knew there was a hill and for me I think it will be a perfect course.”

Selena O’Hanlon: “I’m so pumped to hear they’re going to keep the course at full length (unconfirmed). I was really disappointed when I heard they were going to shorten it. We based our entire season on good cross country horses, and I’ve talked to so many other teams and they all said the same thing - they all brought good cross country horses. We all knew that the hill was going to be there and be a factor, and I’m super excited that we get to do that because it gives us a chance to climb our way back up the leader board.”

Stefano Brecciaroli: “We’ll see what happens because some things are not decided yet but we will try our best.”

Sandra Auffarth: “I’m really looking forward to the cross country, he gave me a great feeling in the last competition so we will see...I like the cross country!”

Lynn Symansky: “I think it’s a really good course for Donner; it’s not too big and size doesn’t really matter to him. I think the hardest thing he will have is some of the combinations there’s so much to look at and he’s a horse that gets a little bit distracted by stuff in the distance, so I have to make a plan to really have him on his line but everything is right in front of you and with him I plan to take most of the direct routes. I’m hoping that this hill stays on and it ends up being a real fitness track because that’s what he’s bred to do.”

Boyd Martin: “I’d like the full test to run; I think that’s what all the team want”