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Events like Denman Horse Trials in northern NSW are where you will find Australian stars of the future, equine and human, honing their skills and it was quite the perfect weekend for eventing at Denman (including beautiful sunsets!)

To have the best possible chance of selection on a team for this year’s World Championships in Pratoni, a ‘belt and braces’ approach of having two horses qualified is desirable. Or, if you’re Shane Rose, why not three?

Riders are turning out in droves this weekend at Denman Horse Trials to get some Australian eventing action

A new date, a new name and a new look for the Australian International 3 Day Event, now to be known as the Adelaide Equestrian Festival and held in April 2023

Watch how the top three secured podium positions on the final day and we talk to Will Enzinger, Chef d'Equipe of the winning team, about the importance of the Oceania Championship and the coming World Championships at Pratoni Del Vivaro

“It’s been a big journey for them” We talk to New Zealand Young Rider team member and CCI3*-L winner Charlotte Penny and Chef d'Equipe Lizzie Green about the whole Oceania Championship experience

Shenae Lowings and Bold Venture led the CCI4*-L at Melbourne International throughout the competition and are now preparing to jet off overseas – we talk to Shenae about her big win

Both Shenae Lowings and Oliver Barrett, leaders after the dressage in the CCI4*-L and CCI3*-L classes incorporating the Oceania Championships, held their top positions during Sunday’s cross country at Melbourne International

Shenae Lowings and Bold Venture occupy the top spot of the CCI4*-L after dressage and have helped the Australian Senior Gold team lead the Oceania Championship at Melbourne International 3 Day Event

We talk to Oliver Barrett about his leading dressage test in the CCI3*-L Oceania Championships and the Australian Young Rider Chef d'Equipe Andrew Barnett at Melbourne International 3 Day Event