Video: Australian International 3 Day Event press conference

       L-R: Sonja Johnson, Hazel Shannon and Amanda Pottinger


“Riders will be cheering all the way home” says Sonja Johnson of some of the discussions at the final press conference at the Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event

Eventing press conferences at major events are usually celebratory but can often be a bit formulaic whereas the discussions at the final press conference in Adelaide provided some interesting thoughts from not only the top three riders but also an interesting discussion between the riders, the President of the Ground Jury, Marilyn Payne (USA) and the Chairman of the Aus3DE Board, Greg Rolton

The ‘atmospheric’ arena at Adelaide has been under discussion among riders and coaches throughout the past few days, with the thought that arena familiarisation in Adelaide could be similar to that of Luhmuhlen or Pau, where the riders are allowed to work their horses fully in the arena as a part of the familiarisation process. Although both of these venues (and Kentucky) have all-weather surfaces which ensure that the ground is kept intact, the ground condition of the grass arena in Adelaide and the minimal chance of wet weather, offers a similar possibility and it is something that the riders are very keen to see implemented

The 50-penalty rule for missing a flag, which has caused a few changes to the leader board late in the day at Adelaide since its introduction, was also discussed in terms of the process and the current changes being implemented by the FEI to change the ruling

Greg Rolton confirmed that Mike Etherington-Smith would be continuing as the cross country course designer and there are plans for an additional water jump as well as various innovations for the event over time

It's all in the video below ..........