Coming up on cross country at Tonimbuk

       Ewan with his bushman's 'Man From Snowy River' hat on


Ewan Kellett is designing cross country courses at Tonimbuk Horse Trials that will adapt over the next five years as the grounds available to the event change

With the new road to the quarry coming in future years, the cross country course will move away from the flatter cleared land of the valley and more into the bush which is steadily being thinned to provide a good balance of bushland and cleared areas to run the courses. This year Ewan has added a couple of new fences to the 3* course but there have been 15 fences in total added across the board with Mick Pineo adding to the tracks for the CIC1* and lower levels

It has been a dry couple of months in the area and the crew have been working on the ground and, as the aerator was still working hard today, we caught up with Ewan for a chat


Ewan Kellett



     The 3* narrow brush and ditch at Fence 10 where riders have to 'choose a line'


       A big roll top and brush lies just off a curving line approach at Fence 14 CIC3*


          'The ground is firm but we're aerating and doing everything we can for it'


     One of Mick Pineo's new CIC1* fences in a freshly cleared area