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A wet start to Tonimbuk International

       Madilyn Schellekens and Kasperrado Dancier


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After several days of rain and more rain forecast for Friday afternoon, the organisers of the Cardinia Shire Tonimbuk International Horse Trials, decided to move the dressage arenas for the two Friday classes into the two big indoor arenas

While they may have got a soaking outside if they were unlucky, the riders in the EvA80A and EvA95A were able to ride in dry conditions in the indoor arenas but many of the 'baby' horses probably found their sojourn indoors a little spooky

Madilyn Schellekens' Kasperrado Dancier had no such problems and was rewarded by the judges with the leading score of 23.10 in the EvA80A while Sheridan Wilson and Patanga Lodge Mercury lead the EvA95A

Luckily the forecast is looking much better for the next two days and, as the organising committee move heaven and earth (literally, tons of gravel and sand) to ensure everything still goes ahead smoothly, they must be wondering what they have done to anger the gods after bushfire last year and now the remnants of ex-tropical cyclone Esther dropping a record amount of rain in the area in the past two days ....

Ah, the joys of eventing but thank heavens for Hanson who own the facility and are shipping in the required materials and two large indoor arenas!

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