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A challenging hike in America has caused Lil Wischer to wonder when she lost her 'grit' and made her appreciate the old thoroughbred who taught her not to over control - can she do this with her young horses?

This is a very controversial blog and I do apologise if I offend particular people. .. I understand completely that weight gain and weight loss isn’t exactly simple. But it is very important for our health and our horses.

CP Qualified may not have been able to compete in Normandy but his owners, the Wischer family, are excited for his future and also his recently born progeny, as Lil Wischer tells us in her latest blog

If you’ve been following every horse-based multimedia lately, you would probably already know that my and Shane Rose’s grey (CP Qualified) didn’t compete in WEG or Burghley this year. BIG poop!

Joining the hype of the World Equestrian Games this month, Lil Wischer is giving the lovely CP Qualified and Shane Rose a bit of love and attention in her blog

Elizabeth Wischer is enjoying the exciting experience of being an owner of an elite horse about to head to Normandy

It's usually the rider's nose that gets broken but in Lil Wischer's case, it was her 1* horse Drum who suffered the injury that has put them out of competition for a while. But at least the other horses are going well (including a winner at Sydney 3*!)

Elizabeth Wischer has had what she desribes as a messy month with much time spent chasing Panda the shetland

Elizabeth Wischer got more than she bargained for when she took her horse Drum for some work on the beach and found herself in amongst some dolphins

Elizabeth Wischer is loooking forward to 2014 for lots of reasons


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