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Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

      Astro and I at the Chris Burton clinic in Canberra


It’s been a very very long time since I sent in a blog, and so forgive me for the quick update of the second half of 2015!

Astro is now enjoying life grazing on the back section of the Canberra XC course, which has made a huge difference in his attitude!  He’s much more relaxed and getting to be quite chubby, which is lovely. The CIC event in Canberra that I’m on the committee for went really well, and Mack hasn’t left me yet! 

These last few weekends have been spent away eventing.  The first event was at Berrima, which is only a couple of hours up the road from home, and was great fun.  I had decided that I’d use it as a tune up for Wallaby Hill the following weekend (as it had been about 6 weeks since our last competition)  I’d not jumped since then (well apart from a quick lesson with Sam Lyle when he came down to train over our course prior to heading over to Adelaide CCI).  However, Astro pulled a half decent test out of nowhere, and we were in 8th place overnight.  Maybe my utter and total lack of training was actually a new technique that could pay off?  All we have been doing for weeks was riding out in the forest or cantering around the park!

Anyway, I then had to focus on the course, and was excited to see so many new jumps on the course - well done to the committee for their hard work.  Astro did very well on course jumping everything well.  Except the last jump, as I had not really walked the line to that with any great concentration, and hence had a run off.  Stupid, stupid, Kate.  Showjumping afterwards went well, considering our total lack of training in that department also, with only one rail falling.  All in all, a great weekend was had, and the anticipation for the event at Wallaby Hill Farm was growing by the minute.

Before we headed off to Wallaby Hill, I organised a clinic with Chris Burton, and all riders enjoyed themselves, and we look forward to him coming back next year.  This clinic was a perfect tune up for the event on the weekend, as we’d heard that the course had been completely redesigned with new jumps for all five courses.  How exciting!


      Into the water at the Chris Burton clinic


As usual, Alex, Derek and company did not let us down, all expectations were met and exceeded.  We are so incredibly lucky to be able to come to their home and experience what is quite frankly a world class facility.  I think those elite level events such as Badminton and Burghley would have such amazing footing to show jump on!  The cross country was presented at such a high level, that I think everyone rode that bit harder to try and get around - well I know I certainly did.



Unfortunately, my theory of no training to get maximum results was well and truly shown to be rubbish as I was second last after dressage.  Situation normal!  Show jumping went well, but one rail hit the deck…. again - so situation normal there too.  The course rode really well for me (with the exception of one jump - a narrow log two strides after a bank - we were eliminated at this same jump a few years ago, so that certainly was on my mind, and we had a stop there)  but after that I wasn’t going to risk walking home. 

For the first time ever, I was stopped on course due to a fall further on the course; at first I thought they were pulling me up as Astro is a roarer and makes a hell of a noise!  So he was able to have a quick breather after the second water jump - where my Abby and Laura  were with friends…. they were somewhat perplexed to see me gallop away after standing around for 4-5 minutes, as was Astro when we faced the next jump!  I hope that the rider who fell is making a speedy recovery.  I was quite down on myself for having a stop on course, but once I saw the results and saw how many riders didn’t fare as well as I did, I stopped beating myself up about it.

On the family front, which quite frankly at this time of year is manic and exhausting, Term 4 is winding up with three very tired children getting excited about Christmas, which in itself is scary - not long to get everything ready for the visit from the big fat fella.  Since my last blog Ben fractured his collarbone, and has joined a cricket team that plays on Friday nights so no interrupting the eventing weekends (makes a difference knowing all the secretaries of NSW events so I tend not to get early draw times!)

Abby and Laura have shown more of an interest in riding, thanks to the Doaks for letting us invade their farm and letting them ride Cricket and Mento!  Abby went in an Interschool competition and did very well, got several 9s and a 10.  She has told me that it is really quite easy and maybe I’m doing it wrong…..



Take care everyone, and here’s to relaxing over the next few months and roll on 2016!