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What has Tegan Lush learned in the past few weeks? Competition fitness is something that can’t be overlooked, skull caps are a must for XC and trying to ride with stitches in your eyebrow is quite difficult!

There is something about the Australian International Horse Trials that makes me want to come back every year, with as many as horses as possible – I think it must be the size of the Western Australian cheer squad!

After brushing up on her own skills with Rory Hovell and Gareth Hughes, Tegan Lush found herself being a coach at a week-long school holiday riding camp where it is tradition to wear PJ's on your last day

After our rough start to her relationship with Murphy earlier in the year all the ‘marriage counselling’ and persistence has paid off for Tegan Lush, and she is well and truly infatuated again with Tempus Fugit

"I dare every rider out there to put their hand up to help out a committee, just one event a year" says Tegan Lush who not only helped out at Dryandra CIC, but also became a pirate for the morning and won the 3*

Tegan Lush's motto for her horse Murphy (Tempus Fugit) at the moment is "Don’t ruin the 95% to get the extra 5%" , which seems to be working well (thanks to Ben)

After handing the reins of Murph over to partner Ben for a while Tegan Lush now has the reins back and is excited to see if the ‘experiment’ worked

Tegan Lush recently enjoyed a clinic with Lucinda Green, Andrew McLean and Jon Pitts and is now ready to put her new knowledge into practise

Tegan Lush begins her year with a light bulb moment, Murph enjoys the attention of a new sponsor and a new broodmare joins the team

Let's start Friday with some lovely news and congratulate blogger Tegan Lush on her recent engagment to Ben Mitchell


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