Cross country video footage FAQs

  • Where can I find my video?

Simply put horse or rider name in our Cross Country Video Search Box and it will bring up all available videos to Watch or Buy

  • Which events are you covering?

View our Cross Country Video Event Calendar here


  • What options are there?

View Online: You and everyone else can view the video on An Eventful Life

Download: You can view and download the video from An Eventful Life. Everyone else can view it  

 Private: You can watch and download the video from An Eventful Life. No one else can watch it

The video can only be purchased once so please ensure that you order the correct option (i.e. we cannot supply a Download or Private option once you have ordered the Online Video option). Please note that refunds are not available if you have already downloaded the video file


  • How do I pay?

             Payment is online via PayPal using your Paypal account or credit card.

At this stage all prices are in Australian dollars – sorry!


  • How long does it take?

Your video should be available within ten (10) working days of order, but usually much faster. You will be notified via email of your successful purchase and when the video is available online (please keep an eye on your Junk mail folder as automated emails are often stopped as spam)


  • How do I view videos?

Simply type a rider or horse name into our Search Box and it will provide you with all options.

If you know the event you wish to watch but not the horse or rider, visit the Calendar Page to choose


  • How do I download my video?

If you have ordered the Download or Private option, you will be emailed a link to download/privately view your video.

The Download link will appear in a blue box under your video but can only be seen by the purchaser when logged in to your account (created when you ordered your video). The download link can be accessed on your page at any time

Click on the blue button under your video to download and save the file - please don’t do this on your phone or iPad as you need to save to USB or hard drive and it’s quite a large file.

If you have forgotten your login details to access the Download, please Contact Us


  • What can I do with my video?

The View Online purchase option allows you, your family and friends, indeed anyone to view your video on our website only. The video is left on the website indefinitely for you to enjoy.

The Download purchase option provides you with both the option above and a personal copy you can download and copy to your computer or to a CD/USB. You can also upload the file to Facebook or YouTube and the video can be used for personal promotional use e.g. advertising your horse or on your own website but please contact us regarding any commercial or broadcast use

Please note that copyright of the video remains with An Eventful Life. The Download copy of your cross country video is for personal use only and cannot be distributed for any commercial purpose without our consent. Find out more about Copyright below


  • Do you supply footage on DVD?

No. The Download purchase option provides you with the ability to download and copy to your computer or to a CD/USB


  • Will you film our event?

We would love to hear from you if you are an event organiser. In general, at events with 400+ competitors there is no charge to attend your event. Please click here for any video enquiries


  • What is 4* Membership?

Subscribe to our 4* Membership to get a free download with a standard video purchase and a discount on Private videos (see table below) as well as access to all 4* editorial content.

Sign up before you purchase to automatically receive the discount. If you already are a member, please log in to ensure that your discount is automatically applied

Find out more about 4* Membership below


Non member Member
On line video AU$100 (approx £53) AU$100 (approx £53*)
On line video and download AU$115 (approx £61) AU$100 (approx £53*)
Private video AU$135 (approx £72) AU$120 (approx £64*)

         * Due to exchange rate fluctuations, this price in GB£ may be outdated - please check the exchange rate online before ordering


4* Membership FAQs

  • How much is it?
    AUD$8 per month or part thereof or $96 annual membership. You can upgrade from monthly to annual for $88
  • What do I get?
    Click here to read full details about 4* membership
  • How do I cancel my 4* subscription?

The best way to cancel your subscription is via your PayPal account Recurring Payments

 The details about how to do this are on the bottom of the Paypal email that is sent to you for each payment

This will ensure that no further payments are taken from your Paypal account but will keep your User Account on the website for video purchases

View our step by step guide to Unsubscribe here

  • How do I re-subscribe after cancelling my 4* subscription

Click 'Member Login' on the top right hand side of the page using your current user name and login details

Follow this link to subscribe https://www.an-eventful-life.com.au/content/4-star-membership-options or click the 4-star membership button on the home page


Copyright FAQs

Many people are confused about whether they can use stuff like pics and text they find on the internet. It turns out that the rules for internet content are much the same as anywhere else. Here’s our guide to the dos and don’ts of image copyright

So you’ve purchased a photo of you or someone you know competing at a recent event and now you own that image, right? You can do anything you like with it? Well sadly, no you can’t. What you have purchased is a print, and the original image is still owned by someone else and any reproduction/copying of that image must have the copyright owner’s permission.

Now, almost all copyright owners will be fine with you posting the image on your Facebook page or blog or sending a copy to your family or friends for their personal use, but that’s about as far as it goes. And even then they will usually stipulate that a credit line acknowledging them as the copyright holder be included in even those instances.

Yeah, but there are millions of images on the internet without a credit line, they must be free to use, right? Sadly, again the answer is no. The mere absence of a credit line does not mean the copyright holder has relinquished their rights since their rights are granted upon creation of the original work and can only be relinquished by written agreement.

All of this is not to say you can’t use the image for anything at all, but it does mean you have to ask permission first. It’s really a matter of considering that the creation of the image is someone’s job, they rely on it for a living, and it’s therefore only fair to let them know if you want to use it for something other than personal use. And in most cases, you’ll find they’ll be fair-minded about it and if a fee applies it will be based on the intended use and will be fair and reasonable. Of course, you can expect to pay more for the cover of a national magazine compared to a small flyer for your local pony club, but again, that’s only fair.

These rules apply to all copyrighted material, whether it’s a pic of you at a public event or an article about you on a small website. It can seem harsh but it’s about protecting people’s livelihoods, and by seeking permission first you’ll often find the copyright holder is open to making their work available at little or no fee. It’s just about good manners really.


I can’t find an answer.

If you can’t find an answer to your question/problem among our FAQs, click here to let us know the details and one of our elves will get back to you with an answer as soon as they can.