Land Rover Blair Castle International 2019 | An Eventful Life

Land Rover Blair Castle International 2019

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Land Rover Blair Castle International

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Rider Horse Class Status
Aimee Penny Psh Lucky Strike CCI2*-L Buy
Aimee Penny Psh Catalyst CCI2*-L Buy
Aimee Penny Hirondelle De Fribois B CCI3*-L Buy
Aimee Penny Psh Deneb CCI2*-L Buy
Ali Wilkes Social Butterfly CCI4*-S Buy
Amy Beck Kilmanahan Garrison Lady CCI2*-L Watch
Andrew Drummond Haslemere Quin CCI2*-L Buy
Anne Mackley Benedict Dalton Radau CCI2*-L Watch
Ashley Harrison Zebedee Ix CCI3*-L Watch
Astier Nicolas Lumberton CCI3*-L Buy
Astier Nicolas Babylon De Gamma CCI4*-S Watch
Ben Hobday Harelaw Wizard CCI4*-S Buy
Ben Hobday Painters Bay CCI2*-L Watch
Bert Bolton Srs Chillout CCI3*-L Watch
Bert Bolton Fun Lovin Criminal CCI2*-L Buy
Bert Bolton Purple Sands CCI4*-S Buy
Bryony Lewis Kearns Boy CCI2*-L Buy
Catherine White Primitive Shining Star CCI2*-L Buy
Charlotte Parry-Ashcroft Wil Jack B King CCI3*-L Watch
Claire Smith Furioso De Foja CCI2*-L Watch
Courtney Romcke Destino Bello CCI4*-S Watch
Daisy Berkeley Ballinteskin Cooper S CCI4*-S Buy
Daniel Scott Carrick Diamond Warrior CCI2*-L Buy
Dawn Morley Amier CCI2*-L Watch
Douglas Crawford Shadow Lad CCI2*-L Buy
Eleanor Hope Mgh Smarty CCI4*-S Buy
Eleanor Hope Limestone Romeo CCI3*-L Watch
Elizabeth Gale Blacklaw Thymelord CCI2*-L Buy
Emily Parker Highly Delighted CCI4*-S Watch
Emma Coghill Rainbows Little Rock CCI2*-L Buy
Emma Hawksby Arctic Skippy CCI4*-S Watch
Emma Hobday Shadow Copperwood CCI3*-L Buy
Emma Murray Wainthropp CCI2*-L Buy
Emma Thomas The Buzz Factor CCI3*-L Buy
Emma Webster The Face Of Rome CCI2*-L Watch
Georgia Buchan Valentino Iii CCI2*-L Watch
Giorgia Burns Life In Time CCI2*-L Buy
Greta Mason Cooley For Sure CCI3*-L Watch
Harry Mutch Hd The One CCI3*-L Buy
Harry Mutch Hd Bronze CCI4*-S Buy
Hayden Hankey Fools In Love CCI2*-L Buy
Hayden Hankey Cartown Galaxy CCI2*-L Watch
Hayden Hankey Dhi Homana CCI2*-L Buy
Holly Richardson Caraghs Buffet CCI4*-S Buy
Izzie Bamford Geffory CCI2*-L Buy
Jane Storey Miss Issymus CCI2*-L Watch
Jennifer Stead Dsh Luckey Town CCI2*-L Buy
Jennifer Stead Fortunus CCI4*-S Buy
Jess Bell Ballybrack Dakota CCI2*-L Buy
Jessica McKie Angel Night CCI2*-L Buy
Jessica McKie Ask The Boss CCI4*-S Buy
Jessica Walton Drewmain Star Attraction CCI2*-L Buy
Jodie Cantrill Linton Ii CCI2*-L Buy
Joe Roome Auriella CCI3*-L Watch
Johanna Burnage Obos Megan CCI3*-L Watch
Josephine Schnaufer Ronaldo Iv CCI2*-L Watch
Josephine Schnaufer Viktor 107 CCI2*-L Watch
Julia Norman Leaping Lord CCI2*-L Watch
Julia Norman Carryon Bobby Boy CCI4*-S Buy
Julia Norman Barrison CCI2*-L Watch
Julie Lawson Faerlie Similar CCI4*-S Buy
Kate Walls Cooley Lands CCI4*-S Watch
Katherine Hague Cooley Timepiece CCI4*-S Buy
Katherine Lindsay Cooley Crawford CCI2*-L Watch
Katie Magee Kilnamona Lincoln CCI2*-L Buy
Kirsty Hogg Bsi Lui Ra CCI2*-L Buy
Laura Fenwick Pink Wafer CCI2*-L Buy
Laura Ritchie-Bland Shadow Evergreen CCI4*-S Watch
Lewis Marshall Ballysax Cotterstown CCI2*-L Buy
Lewis McLean Lissyegan Mikie Lou CCI3*-L Buy
Lisa Kernaghan Cals Lad CCI2*-L Buy
Lizzie Montgomery Bellisima Ii CCI2*-L Buy
Louisa Lockwood Fernhill Aldo CCI3*-L Buy
Louisa Milne Home Carrow Iroko CCI3*-L Buy
Louisa Milne Home Future Plans CCI3*-L Buy
Louisa Milne Home Grantstown Harry CCI3*-L Buy
Lucy Fergusson Kilkerran Faerie Tale CCI2*-L Buy
Lucy Harley Fernhill Inspector CCI2*-L Buy
Marion Vernon L Eminence Grise CCI2*-L Buy
Mary Pearson Je Taime Fandango CCI2*-L Watch
Matthew Heath Rum Punch CCI2*-L Buy
Matthew Heath Askari CCI3*-L Buy
Matthew Heath The Lion CCI4*-S Buy
Matthew Heath Dovevale Lawman CCI2*-L Buy
Matthew Heath Golden Recipe CCI2*-L Buy
Morven Pringle Dunbog Gypsy Rose CCI4*-S Watch
Morven Pringle Miss Contender CCI2*-L Watch
Olivia Burns All Rosie CCI2*-L Watch
Persia Bhatia Molly Xiii CCI2*-L Buy
Philippa Nixon Arctic Cruising CCI3*-L Buy
Philippa Nixon Prf Divo Mail CCI3*-L Buy
Phoebe Buckley Tiger Mail CCI4*-S Buy
Polly Stockton Ballingowan Leia CCI2*-L Buy
Polly Stockton Chicko CCI2*-L Buy
Polly Stockton Mister Maccondy CCI4*-S Watch
Polly Stockton Sir Alfred Ii CCI2*-L Buy
Pollyanna Smith Castleroche Star CCI2*-L Watch
Rachel Williamson Antrim October CCI2*-L Buy
Rebecca Nicholson Uno Ii CCI4*-S Buy
Sam Ecroyd Davinci Iii CCI4*-S Watch
Sara Dudgeon Cartown Xanthos CCI2*-L Watch
Sarah Duckitt C Louis Le One CCI2*-L Buy
Sarah Holmes Lowhill Clover CCI3*-L Buy
Sarah Holmes Gold Flame Guy CCI2*-L Buy
Scott Wallace Over The Moon Vi CCI4*-S Buy
Serena McGregor Harlequin Best Boots CCI2*-L Buy
Serena McGregor Parc Diamond Lux CCI4*-S Buy
Steven Renton Millies Law CCI2*-L Buy
Steven Renton High Time V CCI2*-L Buy
Storm Straker Well Designed CCI4*-S Buy
Tina Canton Bannagh Romeo CCI2*-L Buy
Tina Canton Welham Mile High CCI2*-L Watch
Vicky Murdoch Captain Courage CCI2*-L Buy
Victoria Wilson Dont You Know CCI3*-L Buy
Will Murray Royal Etiquette CCI2*-L Watch
William Fox-Pitt Atlantic Vital Spark CCI4*-S Buy
William Fox-Pitt Yes I Can CCI4*-S Watch
Wills Oakden Macgregors Cooley CCI2*-L Buy
Wills Oakden A Class Cooley CCI2*-L Buy
Wills Oakden Oughterard Cooley CCI4*-S Buy
Zoe Rymer Jsr Crazy Mazy CCI2*-L Buy
Zoe Rymer Jsr Jiji CCI2*-L Buy