Burnham Market Internationl (3) 2020 | An Eventful Life

Burnham Market Internationl (3) 2020

An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at

Burnham Market International (3) 2020

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Rider Horse Class Status
Alex Hua Tian Ballbreaker Sd CCI4*-L Buy
Alex Hua Tian Jilsonne Van Bareelhof CCI4*-S Buy
Alex Hua Tian Psh Convivial CCI4*-L Buy
Alex Hua Tian Don Geniro CCI4*-S Buy
Alexander Whewall Ellfield Voyager CCI4*-L Buy
Andrew Downes Gold Nugget CCI4*-L Buy
Andrew Downes Rocquaine Bay CCI4*-L Buy
Andrew Heffernan Harthill Phantom CCI4*-S Buy
Andrew Heffernan Castle View Larry CCI4*-S Buy
Andrew Heffernan Gideon Ii CCI4*-S Buy
Angus Smales Esi Pheonix CCI4*-L Buy
Aoife Clark Celus D Ermac Z CCI4*-L Watch
Arthur Duffort Toronto D Aurois CCI4*-S Buy
Arthur Duffort Gredington Mailthyme CCI4*-S Buy
Arthur Duffort Arkos Lad CCI4*-S Watch
Ben Way Ringwood Madras CCI4*-S Watch
Ben Way Cooley Enno CCI4*-S Buy
Ben Way Hullabaloo I CCI4*-S Buy
Bubby Upton Cannavaro CCI4*-L Buy
Bubby Upton Cola Iii CCI4*-L Buy
Caroline Harris Woodlands Springtime CCI4*-L Buy
Charlotte Dennis Caunton Well Connected CCI4*-S Buy
Charlotte Jenkins Cuffesgrange Ars Royale CCI4*-L Buy
Charlotte Rowe The Emerald Lily CCI4*-S Buy
Charlotte Rowe Hhs Leacourt Cavalier CCI4*-S Buy
Christopher Whittle Skip Mill CCI4*-L Watch
Courtney Romcke Destino Bello CCI4*-S Watch
Craig Barr Mbf Dassett Legacy CCI4*-S Buy
Dan Jocelyn Lissyegan Rory CCI4*-L Buy
Dan Jocelyn Blackthorn Cruise CCI4*-L Buy
Danielle Dunn Grandslam CCI4*-L Buy
David Doel Galileo Nieuwmoed CCI4*-L Buy
Edie Campbell Fireball F CCI4*-S Buy
Eliza Stoddart Renaissance Man CCI4*-L Watch
Emily King Valmy Biats CCI4*-S Buy
Emily Philp Cupido Iii CCI4*-L Buy
Felicity Collins Rsh Contend Or CCI4*-L Buy
Francis Whittington Nimrod Ii CCI4*-L Buy
Francis Whittington Dhi Fiktor Nita CCI4*-S Buy
Francis Whittington Dhi Purple Rain CCI4*-L Buy
Franky Reid-warrilow Billy Champagne CCI4*-S Buy
Fred Scala Everon Vivendi CCI4*-L Buy
Georgie Strang Red Hot Cooley CCI4*-S Watch
Ginny Howe Trendy Captain Clover CCI4*-L Buy
Ginny Howe Undalgo De Windsor CCI4*-L Buy
Ginny Thompson Stars Align CCI4*-S Buy
Grace Taylor Game Changer CCI4*-S Buy
Grace Taylor Hiarado CCI4*-S Watch
Heidi Coy Carrigsean Tigerseye CCI4*-S Watch
Heidi Coy Russal Z CCI4*-S Watch
Helen Marsh Disco Chick CCI4*-S Buy
Helen Martin Andreas CCI4*-S Buy
Hollie Swain Solo Xii CCI4*-L Buy
Izzy Taylor Monkeying Around CCI4*-L Watch
Izzy Taylor Artful Trinity CCI4*-S Buy
Izzy Taylor Hartacker CCI4*-S Watch
James Avery Mr Sneezy CCI4*-L Buy
James Rushbrooke Zelandnew Bk CCI4*-L Watch
James Rushbrooke Rowland CCI4*-S Watch
James Rushbrooke Milchem Eclipse CCI4*-S Buy
James Sommerville Altaskin Jack CCI4*-L Watch
Jennifer Stead Fortunus CCI4*-L Watch
Jess Corser Moangarriff Duke CCI4*-S Watch
Jesse Campbell Diachello CCI4*-S Buy
Jessica Watts Sportsfield Adventure CCI4*-L Buy
Katie Bleloch Goldlook CCI4*-S Buy
Katie Bleloch Cavalier Micky Finn CCI4*-S Buy
Katie Magee Enceladus CCI4*-L Buy
Kevin McNab Scuderia 1918 A Best Friend CCI4*-S Buy
Kevin McNab Scuderia 1918 Don Quidam CCI4*-S Watch
Kitty King Cristal Fontaine CCI4*-S Buy
Kristina Hall-Jackson Cms Google CCI4*-L Watch
Laura Collett Dacapo CCI4*-L Buy
Lauren Lillywhite Inpetto Van De Kouterhoeve CCI4*-L Buy
Lexi Scovil Chico's Man Vdf Z CCI4*-L Buy
Libby Seed Heartbreaker Star Quality CCI4*-S Buy
Lina Forsberg Kaizen CCI4*-S Buy
Lisa Maynard Passions Opposition CCI4*-S Watch
Lizzie Baugh B Exclusive CCI4*-S Buy
Logan Duffort Voltage De La Nouee CCI4*-S Buy
Louise Harwood Trevillick CCI4*-L Buy
Louise Harwood Balladeer Miller Man CCI4*-L Buy
Lucinda Atkinson Spring Revolution CCI4*-L Watch
Mary Edmundson Dg Maradona CCI4*-S Watch
Matthew Heath Ballycoog Guinness CCI4*-S Buy
Max Gordon Redwood Clover CCI4*-L Buy
Max Warburton Calador CCI4*-L Buy
Max Warburton Quantum Bt4 CCI4*-S Buy
Michael Owen Bradeley Law CCI4*-L Buy
Michael Owen Jims Pal CCI4*-L Buy
Michael Winter El Mundo CCI4*-L Buy
Michelle Williamson My Man Mickie CCI4*-L Buy
Nici Wilson Fine Fleur CCI4*-L Buy
Nicky Hill Kilrodan Sailorette CCI4*-L Buy
Nicola Wilson Erano M CCI4*-S Buy
Nicola Wilson Bulana CCI4*-L Buy
Nicola Wilson Jl Dublin CCI4*-L Buy
Oliver Townend Cillnabradden Evo CCI4*-S Watch
Oliver Townend Arklow Puissance CCI4*-S Buy
Oliver Townend Dreamliner CCI4*-L Watch
Oliver Townend Tregilder CCI4*-L Buy
Paolo Torlonia Bambino De Lilatte CCI4*-L Buy
Paolo Torlonia Shadow Chanel CCI4*-S Buy
Pauliina Swindells Ferro S CCI4*-L Buy
Philippa Cross Scoop De Ferbet CCI4*-L Watch
Phoebe Buckley Tiger Mail CCI4*-L Buy
Phoebe Locke Bellagio Declyange CCI4*-S Buy
Phoebe Locke Cooley Challenger CCI4*-L Buy
Richard Coney Mermus R Diamonds CCI4*-L Watch
Richard Coney Horatio Dn CCI4*-S Buy
Richard Coney Kananaskis CCI4*-L Buy
Rosa Onslow Diamond Sundance CCI4*-L Watch
Rosa Onslow Rle Limbo Kaiser CCI4*-L Watch
Rosalind Canter Pencos Crown Jewel CCI4*-L Watch
Rosalind Canter Rehy Royal Diamond CCI4*-S Watch
Rosalind Canter Lordships Graffalo CCI4*-S Buy
Sam Griffiths Gurtera Cher CCI4*-L Buy
Sam Griffiths Annaghmore Valoner CCI4*-S Buy
Samantha Lissington Ricker Ridge Sooty Gnz CCI4*-S Watch
Sara Bech Strom Dicte Aldrup CCI4*-L Watch
Sarah Bullimore Reve Du Rouet CCI4*-S Buy
Sarah Bullimore Conpierre CCI4*-S Buy
Sarah Bullimore Corouet CCI4*-L Buy
Sarah Cohen Springpower CCI4*-L Buy
Sarah Holmes Dunganstown Fleur CCI4*-L Buy
Simon Grieve Drumbilla Metro CCI4*-S Buy
Simon Grieve The Rutman CCI4*-L Buy
Sophie Jenman Lordana Vh Leysehof Z CCI4*-L Buy
Therese Viklund Diabolique CCI4*-S Buy
Therese Viklund Viscera CCI4*-S Buy
Thomas Hawke Foxdon Sunny Jim CCI4*-L Buy
Toby Pigott Golden Forever CCI4*-L Buy
Tom Jackson Capels Hollow Drift CCI4*-S Buy
Tom Jackson Fire Fly CCI4*-S Buy
Tom Jackson Bahira M CCI4*-L Buy
Tom Jackson Billy Cuckoo CCI4*-L Watch
Tom McEwen Bob Chaplin CCI4*-S Buy
Tom McEwen Dreamaway Ii CCI4*-S Buy
Tom McEwen Figaro Van Het Broekxhof CCI4*-L Buy
Tom Rowland Very Good Tempo CCI4*-S Watch
Tom Rowland Quintilius CCI4*-S Watch
Tom Rowland Knd Steel Pulse CCI4*-S Buy
Toshiyuki Tanaka Swiper Jra CCI4*-S Buy
Toshiyuki Tanaka Talma D Allou CCI4*-S Buy
Tyler Cassells J Adore Salsa CCI4*-S Buy
Victor Burtin Early Van Ter Nieuwbeke CCI4*-L Buy
Vittoria Panizzon Chequers Play The Game CCI4*-L Buy
Will Rawlin The Partner CCI4*-S Buy
William Fox-Pitt Grafennacht CCI4*-L Buy
Wills Oakden Oughterard Cooley CCI4*-L Buy
Yasmin Ingham Rehy Dj CCI4*-L Buy
Yasmin Ingham Sandman 7 CCI4*-L Buy
Yasmin Ingham Banzai Du Loir CCI4*-S Watch
Zara Tindall Class Affair CCI4*-L Buy