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Chatsworth International 2016

Cross Country Videos

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Rider Horse Class Status
A Boiteau Quoriano CIC3* Watch
Abigail Boulton Tilston Tic Toc CIC3* Buy
Abigail Clare Simply Majestic CIC1* Buy
Abigail Unwin Lunar Vision CIC1* Watch
Aimee Penny Gredington Mailthyme Novice Buy
Alanna Pilling Fergus Viii CIC1* Watch
Alex Ashman Angus Ii Novice Watch
Alex Hill Hugo Jones Novice Buy
Alex Hua Tian Don Geniro CIC3* Buy
Alex Hua Tian Skyline Novice Buy
Alex Hua Tian William Xvii Novice Buy
Alex Hua Tian Fabiola P Novice Buy
Alexandra Byrne Granby Mr Finnlay CIC1* Buy
Alexandra Jackson Faberlina Tn Novice Watch
Alexis Goury Vidocq De Tael CIC1* Buy
Alice Ford Tregeare CIC1* Buy
Alice M Walker Gh Blueprint CIC1* Buy
Alice Pearson Jack The Ginger CIC1* Buy
Alice Pickersgill Flight Mode CIC1* Watch
Alice Tracey Freedom Hill Novice Buy
Alicia Hawker Lawa CIC1* Buy
Alicia Hawker Charles Rr Advanced Buy
Alison Allman Hawksmoor Novice Buy
Alison Garner Beyond Belief Ii Novice Watch
Alyssa Yallop One More Step CIC3* Buy
Amber Coatsworth Pembroke Double Diamond Novice Buy
Amy Martin Sparkys Reflection Advanced Buy
Andrew Downes Just William Xx Novice Buy
Andrew Downes Gold Nugget Novice Watch
Andrew Heffernan Shopaholic Novice Buy
Andrew Heffernan Lawless Lil CIC3* Watch
Andrew Heffernan Rainbow De Riverland CIC1* Buy
Andrew Heffernan Casta Diva Novice Buy
Andrew Nicholson Qwanza Advanced Buy
Andrew Nicholson Jet Set Iv CIC3* Buy
Andrew Nicholson Teseo Advanced Watch
Angus Smales Master Crisp CIC3* Buy
Anna Nichols My Bazaar Novice Buy
Annabelle Wright Fernhill Spring CIC1* Watch
Anne Laure Guy Rancoeur Du Sepey CIC1* Watch
Aoife Clark Fernhill Adventure CIC3* Buy
Aoife Clark Kings Advocate Ii Advanced Buy
Arabella Clegg Douglas Ii CIC1* Buy
Arabella Clegg Castlemitchell Ruby Novice Buy
Archie Lowe Merrywell Cavalier CIC1* Watch
Arthur Duffort Oaklands First Time CIC1* Buy
Arthur Duffort Herbst Golden Eclipse CIC3* Buy
Arthur Marshall Horsepasture Jimbo Novice Watch
Astier Nicolas Alertamalib Or CIC1* Buy
Astier Nicolas Piaf De Bneville CIC3* Watch
Astier Nicolas Finley Iv CIC1* Watch
Austin O'Connor Kilpatrick Knight Advanced Buy
Austin O'Connor Balham Houdini CIC3* Buy
Barbe Emeline Prorel D'uzec CIC1* Buy
Beatrice Stocks Steel Clover CIC1* Buy
Becky Woolven Charlton Down Riverdance CIC3* Buy
Becky Woolven Gortglas Earl Grey CIC1* Buy
Ben Hobday Arco Bb CIC3* Buy
Ben Patrick Westlea Just By Chance Novice Watch
Bernhard Reemtsma Nick Diamond CIC1* Buy
Bernhard Reemtsma Gryffindor 10 CIC1* Buy
Bert Bolton Purple Sands CIC3* Watch
Bert Bolton Prince Ramiro Novice Watch
Bethany Dyson King Pingu CIC1* Watch
Bettina Hoy Seigneur Medicott CIC3* Buy
Bianca Mortimer Ballytiglea Vivendi CIC1* Buy
Bill Levett Scarlett O Tara Advanced Buy
Bill Levett Alexander Nj CIC3* Buy
Bill Levett Natasha Vii Advanced Buy
Bonnie Fishburn Mr Precision Novice Buy
Brier Leahy Kellen CIC1* Buy
Caitlin Pitcher Mji Master Mccricket Novice Watch
Caitlyn Johnson Upton O Good Novice Buy
Caroline Aeberli Augustar CIC1* Watch
Caroline Dyer Fernhill Bright Echo Novice Buy
Caroline Toulemonde Tiffany Des Terdrix CIC1* Watch
Carolyne Ryan-Bell Witchcraft Iii Advanced Buy
Carrie Byrom Davinci Iii CIC1* Buy
Carrie Byrom Detective CIC3* Buy
Cathal Daniels Rioghan Rua CIC3* Buy
Cathrine Taylor Lorelei CIC1* Buy
Cedric Bibard Tarmak Des Craoux CIC1* Buy
Cedric Bibard Sixieme Sens CIC1* Buy
Cedric Lyard Cadeau Du Roi CIC3* Buy
Charlotte Brear Manor Missile CIC3* Buy
Charlotte East King Albert CIC3* Buy
Charlotte Jenkins Cuffesgrange Ars Royale CIC1* Buy
Charlotte Whittle Lowmoor Superstar Novice Watch
Chloe Allen Whiskey Lad Novice Watch
Christie Mott Seymours Star Ii Novice Buy
Christina Henriksen Cayr Della Caccia CIC1* Buy
Christopher Burton Ts Jamaimo CIC3* Buy
Christopher Whittle Belinda Novice Buy
Claire Fielding You Never Said CIC1* Watch
Clark Montgomery Loughan Glen CIC3* Watch
Daisy Berkeley Ballinteskin Cooper S CIC1* Buy
Daisy Berkeley Strike Smartly Advanced Buy
Daisy Charlier Arcos Advanced Watch
Dan Jocelyn Southfork Novice Buy
Dan Jocelyn Blackthorn Cruise CIC1* Buy
Dan Jocelyn Diamond Louie Novice Buy
Dan Jocelyn Dassett Cool Touch CIC3* Buy
Daniel Alderson Primitive Pistol Advanced Watch
Daniel Megson Galant Ii CIC1* Watch
Daniel Scott Zen Roundthorn Advanced Buy
Daniel Scott Dwina De Cavron CIC3* Buy
Danielle Dunn Zocarla Blh CIC3* Buy
Danielle Dunn Ferros Diablo CIC1* Buy
Danielle Holt Gorgeous George Novice Buy
Danni McFaul Carrigsean Tigerseye CIC1* Buy
David Doel Chap CIC3* Buy
David Doel Cracker Jack Ii CIC1* Watch
David Doel Rainstown Star CIC1* Buy
David Sheerin Jonny Irish CIC1* Buy
David Sheerin Malbec CIC1* Buy
Eleanor Mercer Watsisname Novice Buy
Elicia Miller Gentleman George Novice Watch
Eliza Chapple Lawd Of The Mill CIC1* Watch
Elizabeth Power Soladoun CIC3* Buy
Ella Woodhead Ardfield Breeze CIC1* Watch
Ellen Svennerstal Camross Diamond Novice Buy
Ellie Clarke Ernst Novice Buy
Elly Forbes Drakes Way CIC1* Buy
Eloise Carter Chocolate Domino CIC1* Buy
Emeline Cholet Max Des Monts CIC1* Watch
Emilie Chandler Cooley Roller Coaster CIC1* Buy
Emilie Chandler Poppys Law Novice Watch
Emily C Philp Global Royal Luxor Novice Watch
Emily Gilruth Mullentine Royal Clover CIC1* Buy
Emily King Charlemagne CIC3* Buy
Emily Llewellyn For Vehlage Novice Watch
Emily Prangnell Dhi Beaunesse CIC3* Watch
Emma Hyslop-Webb Pennlands Lord Matcho CIC1* Buy
Emma Hyslop-Webb Ducatti Ii CIC1* Buy
Emma Hyslop-Webb U Zermie 56 CIC3* Buy
Esther Webb Lougherne Luke At Me CIC3* Buy
Fiona Macdonald Spring Into Business Novice Buy
Fleur Lemke Dermelo CIC1* Buy
Flora Elliott Ember Hill CIC1* Watch
Flora Harris Bayano CIC3* Buy
Flora Reemtsma Monte Gino Fs CIC1* Buy
Flora Young Spotter Latour Novice Buy
Fouaad Mirza D Silver Diva CIC1* Buy
Francesca Fitzherbert Conguistador Ii CIC1* Watch
Francesca Sargent Leamore Hightale CIC1* Buy
Francesca Sargent Nankin W CIC1* Buy
Gemma Tattersall Quicklook V CIC3* Watch
Gemma Tattersall Santiago Bay CIC3* Buy
Georgie Frow Kiltycreighton Boy CIC1* Watch
Georgina Reece Miss Indigo CIC1* Buy
Gina Ruck Rehy Too CIC3* Buy
Ginny Howe Cruise On Inny CIC1* Buy
Gubby Leech Xavier CIC3* Buy
Harriet Mitchell Clover Ii CIC1* Buy
Harriet Wright Ngong Hills CIC1* Watch
Harriette Howard Starholme Amberleigh CIC1* Buy
Harry Meade Away Cruising CIC3* Buy
Harry Meade Cavalier Crystal CIC1* Buy
Harry Moran Bally Chill Novice Buy
Harry Mutch Cushina Cypress CIC1* Buy
Harry Mutch Hd Bronze CIC1* Buy
Harry Mutch Ipw Nom De Plume CIC1* Watch
Hattie Barnes Brooklyn Four Point Novice Watch
Hattie McCance Silk Town Advanced Watch
Hazel Towers Simply Smart Advanced Buy
Helen Robinson Cousteau Ii CIC1* Buy
Holly Eckley Whatever You Want CIC1* Watch
Holly Woodhead Dhi Lupison CIC3* Buy
Ibby Macpherson Ballingowan Diamond CIC3* Watch
Imi McCance Strattonstown Vision Novice Watch
Imogen Gloag Brendonhill Doublet Advanced Buy
Isabel White Damorka CIC1* Buy
Izzy 0 Taylor Briarlands Birdsong CIC3* Buy
Izzy 0 Taylor Kbis Briarlands Matilda CIC3* Buy
Izzy Taylor Serafina CIC1* Buy
Izzy Taylor Bugbrooke CIC1* Buy
Izzy Taylor Direct Cassino CIC1* Buy
Jack Drewery Stormhill Fairy Tale Novice Buy
James Sommerville Talent Advanced Buy
Janet Clarke Tch Top Label CIC1* Buy
Jayne Doherty The Only One CIC3* Buy
Jenny Levett Ballymore Rich Cat CIC1* Watch
Jesse Campbell Amsterdam Ii CIC3* Buy
Jessica Baugh Eastern Gold Ii Novice Buy
Jessica Shopland Bond Girl CIC1* Buy
Jessica Wray Pennines Royale Clover Novice Watch
Joanne Foley Lucky Douglas CIC1* Watch
Joanne Kearns Time Machine CIC1* Watch
Jodie Stokes Mister Maccondy Advanced Watch
Jonathan Procter Sumas William Of Orange CIC1* Buy
Jonelle Price Faerie Dianimo CIC3* Buy
Jonty Evans Cooley Rorkes Drift CIC3* Buy
Joseph Murphy Gorsehill Pearl CIC3* Buy
Josie Proctor Caprona Novice Buy
Julia Norman Leamhchoill Drifter CIC3* Watch
Julie De Winton Mini Cooper S Novice Buy
Julie Tew Simply Sox CIC3* Buy
Kai Ruder Coin Toss CIC1* Buy
Kai Ruder Siddhartha CIC1* Buy
Kai Ruder Colani Sunrise CIC3* Buy
Kai Ruder Travenorts Lucio CIC1* Buy
Karim Laghouag Punch De L'esques CIC3* Buy
Karim Laghouag Entebbe De Hus CIC3* Buy
Katherine Cross Romeo Z CIC1* Watch
Kathryn Houghton Ballygally Daylight Novice Watch
Katie Ayres Windy Lad CIC1* Buy
Katie Barber Woodfield Ria CIC3* Watch
Katie Moult Butterfly Iv Novice Watch
Katie Patrick Pop The Question Ii CIC1* Watch
Katie Preston Templar Justice CIC3* Watch
Katie Richards Ridgebarn Ruff Novice Watch
Kelsie Willis Newby Ii Novice Watch
Ken Spencer Freshmans Pink Floyd CIC1* Buy
Kitty King Ceylor L A N CIC3* Buy
Kristie Clinch Fernando Iv Novice Buy
Kristina Cook Billy The Red CIC3* Watch
Kristina Cook Quarrycrest Echo Advanced Buy
Kristina Cook Calvino Ii CIC3* Buy
Laura Birley Boxtree And I CIC1* Buy
Laura Collett Oratorio Ii CIC1* Buy
Laura Grice Isa Ii Novice Buy
Lauren Burton Magicprince Novice Buy
Lauren Gaunt Bazaars Graffiti CIC1* Buy
Lauren Shannon Priorspark Precocious CIC1* Buy
Lauren Wilson Kilmeady CIC1* Watch
Laurence Hunt Lakota Ghost CIC1* Buy
Laurence Hunt Magic Roundabout Iv CIC1* Buy
Libby Seed What A Catch Ii CIC3* Buy
Libby Seed Tullamore Dew Ii CIC3* Buy
Lissa Green Hollyfield Ii CIC3* Watch
Lissa Green Med Night Trafford Mignonette CIC1* Watch
Lizzie Baugh Quarry Man CIC1* Buy
Louise Harwood Balladeer Miller Man Advanced Buy
Louise Harwood Jenga Ii CIC3* Buy
Lucas Poole Bazaars Chief CIC1* Watch
Lucinda Brookes You 2 Cavalier Novice Buy
Lucinda Stephenson Coniston Nadal CIC1* Buy
Lucy Latta Dhi Broadway Advanced Buy
Ludwig Svennerstal Box Leo CIC1* Buy
Ludwig Svennerstal Balham Mist CIC3* Buy
Ludwig Svennerstal Silver Skymaster CIC1* Buy
Ludwig Svennerstal Paramount Importance CIC3* Buy
Lydia Hannon My Royal Touch CIC3* Buy
Lydia Norton Painted Moon Ii CIC1* Watch
Margit Appelt Space Jet CIC3* Buy
Mark Cavell Dandi Man Novice Buy
Mark Kyle Jesmond Justice Advanced Buy
Mark Kyle Step In Time Ii Advanced Buy
Mark Kyle Jemilla CIC3* Buy
Mark Todd Dusk Till Dawn Novice Buy
Mark Todd Obos Colombus CIC3* Buy
Mary King King Bill Novice Buy
Mathieu Lemoine Bart L CIC3* Buy
Matthew Heath Sportsfield Lord Livesey CIC1* Buy
Matthew Heath The Lion CIC3* Buy
Matthew Heath One Of A Kind Ii CIC3* Buy
Megan O'Brien Pretty Polly Elm CIC1* Watch
Meghan Healy Lui D Advanced Watch
Michael Owen Thunder Vi CIC1* Buy
Michael Ryan Dunlough Striker CIC3* Buy
Michelle Pritchard Moortown Alchemist Novice Watch
Moira Walsh Few Dollars More Novice Buy
Molly Johnstone Claragh Sonny Novice Buy
Niall Griffin Kilmastulla Fred Astair Novice Buy
Nicki Harrison Wolfstones Summer Love Novice Watch
Nicola Hazlett Primitive Popcorn Novice Buy
Nicola Toomer Daytona Ii Novice Watch
Nicola Wilson Erano M CIC1* Buy
Nicola Wilson Bulana CIC3* Buy
Nicolas Touzaint Crocket 30 CIC3* Buy
Nicole Gwynne Free Flow CIC1* Buy
Nicole Gwynne Farrells Cavalier CIC1* Buy
Oliver Townend Sweeps Crystal Cruise Novice Buy
Oliver Townend Samuel Thomas Ii Advanced Buy
Oliver Townend Dromgurrihy Blue CIC3* Buy
Olivia Wilmot Zebedee De Foja CIC3* Watch
Owen Cooper Supa Splashdown CIC3* Watch
Padraig McCarthy Mr Chunky CIC3* Watch
Padraig McCarthy Simon Porloe CIC3* Buy
Panda Christie Iceberg Advanced Buy
Patricia Ryan Tullineaskey Hi Ho CIC3* Buy
Patricia Ryan Dunrath Eclipse CIC3* Buy
Paul Graham Weston One Vision Novice Buy
Paul Tapner Yogi Bear Viii CIC3* Buy
Paul Tapner Counterparty Advanced Buy
Paul Tapner Kilronan CIC3* Watch
Paula Dewsbury Jac Cruiseo Novice Watch
Pauliina Swindells Ferro S CIC3* Buy
Polly Chiverton Skeheens CIC1* Watch
Polly Feather Wyman Novice Buy
Polly Jackson Griffin Monarts Matisse Novice Buy
Polly Stockton Imperial Trump Advanced Buy
Rachel Curtis Gingerbread House CIC1* Buy
Rachel Inman Jack The Lad Ii Novice Watch
Rachel Robinson Mji Limmerick Bell Advanced Watch
Rebecca Howard Riddle Master CIC3* Buy
Rebecca Lait Naturelle Ii Novice Buy
Rebecca Nicholson Sporting Uno Advanced Buy
Rebecca Vale Stilo Springtime CIC1* Watch
Richard Coney Kananaskis CIC1* Buy
Richard Evans Brown Sugar Iii CIC1* Watch
Richard Long Alcazar Yb CIC1* Buy
Richard Long Ms Independant Advanced Buy
Richard P Jones Kilballyboy Bob Novice Buy
Richard Skelt Meerlust Lady Advanced Buy
Ron Pearson Ready To Rock CIC1* Buy
Rose Carnegie Master Rory CIC3* Buy
Rosie Fry Arise Cavalier CIC1* Buy
Rosie Fry Maximus Meridius Ii CIC1* Buy
Rosie Thomas Mhs Nebraska Advanced Buy
Rupert Batting Manyoshu CIC3* Buy
Sally Chamberlain Rosetta Cutolo Novice Buy
Sally Williams Mullentine Forever Novice Watch
Sam Dempsey Teldon Advanced Buy
Sam Ecroyd Wodan Iii CIC3* Buy
Sam Ecroyd Master Douglas CIC3* Buy
Sam Griffiths On The Brash CIC3* Buy
Sam Griffiths Beaurepaire Nemo CIC3* Buy
Sam Griffiths Angelo Iv CIC3* Buy
Sam Rippon Master Kilkenny Diamond CIC1* Watch
Sam Watson Horseware Lukeswell CIC3* Buy
Samantha Hobbs Treblare Advanced Buy
Sara Burdess Reeva Advanced Buy
Sarah Cohen Treason CIC3* Buy
Sarah Crabtree Swift Tuttle Novice Buy
Sarah Ennis Horseware Stellor Rebound CIC3* Buy
Sarah Healy B Walt Lando Z Novice Buy
Sarah Roberts Coton Rainbow Star CIC1* Buy
Scott Wallace Star Rush CIC1* Buy
Scott Wallace Over The Moon Vi CIC1* Buy
Shari Dobson Millhouse Montaire Novice Buy
Sharon Hunt Loughnatousa Fabio CIC1* Buy
Sharon Hunt Veyga CIC1* Buy
Simon Grieve Traveller Royale CIC3* Watch
Simon Vatcher Camblin Hill Advanced Buy
Sophie Brown Wil CIC3* Buy
Sophie Miller Heartbroken De Brion CIC1* Watch
Sophie Platt Be Be Iii Advanced Buy
Sophie Stead Fundate Of The Lowlands Novice Watch
Stephanie D'Andrimont Creevagh Miss Ferro Sl CIC1* Buy
Steve Garrod Ufonzo CIC1* Buy
Steven Smith Taal CIC1* Buy
Tamara-jane Davis Arctic Mouse CIC1* Buy
Tamsin Drew Gorsehill Ziggy Novice Watch
Thibault Fournier Siniani De Lathus CIC3* Buy
Thibaut Vallette Qing Du Briot CIC3* Buy
Tim Cheffings Nota Bene Advanced Buy
Tim Cheffings Donateur CIC1* Watch
Tim Price Obos Cooley CIC3* Buy
Tim Price Xavier Faer CIC3* Buy
Tom McEwen Toledo De Kerser CIC3* Buy
Tom McEwen Splash Of The Irish CIC1* Buy
Tony Kennedy Westeria Lane CIC3* Buy
Toria Coombes Will 2 Win Novice Buy
Tyler Cassells Sassanias CIC1* Buy
Tyler Cassells Theodoras Love CIC1* Watch
Tyler Cassells Machismo Star CIC3* Watch
Vicki Ardern Bb King Sl CIC1* Buy
Vicky Melia Handels Messiah Iii Novice Watch
Victoria Bentley Arbor Low Bella B Novice Buy
Victoria Hopkinson Waikato Star Novice Buy
Victoria Palmer Erinite Omega CIC1* Watch
Warren Lamperd Silvia CIC3* Watch
Willa Newton Lauries Laudatio 2 CIC1* Buy
William Fox-Pitt Chilli Morning CIC3* Watch
Yasmin Sanderson Opposition Angel One CIC1* Buy
Zara Tindall Watkins CIC3* Buy
Zara Tindall Taloubet Boy K Z Novice Buy