Riders are cooking on gas at Blenheim

   We're sure Andrew will be doing more than just 'chucking a few snags on the barbie' at Blenheim


It’s been a busy time for eventers in Europe and UK with WEG, Burghley and now Blenheim following on from each other. In fact so much has been happening that you could be thinking that riders may be running out of steam for these big events. But that is certainly not the case and Australia’s own Andrew Hoy will making his own steam when he becomes one of the ‘celebrity chefs’ at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials.

Debbie caught up with Andrew earlier this week and we can’t wait to find out if she discovered some cooking tips from one of the best riders in the world but in the meantime the team from Blenheim explain more about their new concept of the cookery demonstration theatre.

Given the interest of baking and cooking on TV the Organising Committee are sure it will be a popular attraction!

Not only will local restaurants and chefs be demonstrating their signature dishes, but riders and the course building team are keen to get in on the act too! Multi-medalled Olympian Andrew Hoy and International Event rider Angus Smales and the owner of his CIC ride Diana Birch are amongst the riders who have already committed to demonstrating their culinary skills and chef turned course builder Carl Fletcher will be adding a je ne c'est quois to the proceedings.

Local restaurants and Cotswold food and Drink award winners Lumiere, Prego and Purslane will be in attendance as will celebrity chef, Sophie Grigson from Sophie’s Cookery School.  Also show casing will be fish and game specialist chef Jose Souto.

The Blenheim Cookery Theatre is supported by the popular Festival of Food marquee where a wide range of artisans also have food for sale to sample.

CLICK HERE  to find out more about the Blenheim Cookery Theatre.