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Good news for Tim and Jonelle Price

    Tim and Jonelle Price with Classic Moet at Badminton 2018



New Zealand’s Tim and Jonelle Price have had some good news with all of the horses returned from the Sunshine Tour in Spain cleared for competition.

Tim and Jonelle followed strict EHV-1 protocols which included quarantining the horses that had returned from Spain at a separate facility (you can read about the measures taken here)

“We are delighted to report that all 15 horses have undergone the required testing (paired nasal swabs and paired serology) in keeping with the BEF requirements and as a result, together with the FEI, have all been cleared from quarantine” says Jonelle on social media

“Given our upcoming competition schedule it was imperative that we took this testing route. A huge thank you to our team who have been unflappable during difficult circumstances, our ever supportive owners and our fastidious vet, Dr Christiana Ober from Andre Buthe Equine Clinic”

While Tim’s two horses entered for Kentucky, Xavier Faer and Bango, did not go to Spain, two of Jonelle’s horses, Grovine De Reve and her 2018 Badminton winner Classic Moet, did compete at the Sunshine Tour. Their clearance now means that Jonelle will be able to compete on both of these horses as well as Grappa Nera at Kentucky

Tim and Jonelle both recently had their first hit out of the British Eventing season at Oasby Elite with three of the Kentucky-bound horses, Xavier Faer, Bango and Grappa Nera