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The Saddle Chair


Halo Living, a company in Cheshire, England has created a chair which provides a new definition of ‘having a good seat’


Created by Halo Living’s designer, Ryan McNeish, the Saddle chair is a unique accent chair for the home inspired by a traditional horse riding saddle, complete with stirrups


According to the Halo website;

“Ryan's inspiration for the chair drew from his childhood growing up in the Scottish countryside, "the equestrian memories were the inspiration behind my design - I wanted to make an extraordinary statement chair that fuses comfort, individuality and style. The riding saddle is a recognisable and functional piece of sporting equipments and I wanted to see it in an entirely different form. The quilted leather finish is drawn from the quilted fabric placed under the saddle when riding, while the removable metal stirrups which hang from each arm create a contrast between the cool shine of the steel and the warmth of the soft leather"

May be a bit tricky getting it here but if you would like one, check out the Halo website


Great chair!! checked out the halo site but couldn't find the chair... How much is it?

Probably best to call them directly to get the current price - 0161 923 0500

hi, you can find the saddle chair on my website
the price is 2400 euros.

wish they can in a sofa