Cooper Oborne - one to watch

Cooper Oborn and Kirbay Park Irish Joker

      Cooper and Kirby Park Irish Joker at the Australian International 3DE 2012

We caught up with 22 year old Cooper Oborn at the Lucinda Green clinic last weekend and had a chat with him about the three horses he had brought over to the clinic in Victoria. Cooper had made the journey from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia to get the benefit of Lucinda’s wisdom and he certainly enjoyed it as well as making an impression on Lucinda! In our interview with Lucinda she says

“I thought he (Cooper) was exceptionally good and I would love to see him find his way through the ranks to get out on top”


Cooper Oborn at Lucinda Green clinic


Cooper rode Kirby Park Irish Joker in the clinic, the 12 year old grey gelding he rode in the CCI 2* at the Australian International 3 Day Event in Adelaide last November where he finished in 10th place (he also placed 6th on another Kirby Park bred horse, He’s Patrick).

He also brought along two less experienced horses which you can see below, which Lucinda liked the look of; they are full bothers bred by ESB stud in Victoria, one competing at Preliminary and one at Pre-Novice. See how Cooper rides some of Lucinda's tricky lines designed 'not to give the perfect stride' and encourage the horse and rider to react more quickly. Some more of Lucinda's great training tips from this clinic coming up soon

Cooper Oborn