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Who will star in our Top 10 XC Videos of 2019?


Who will star in our most viewed cross country videos in 2019?

In January 2020 we’ll be once again counting down our Top 10 Most Viewed XC Videos to see which horse and rider were the most popular to watch in 2019.

But this year there will be two sets of Top 10; the most viewed cross country videos on our website and also the most viewed cross country videos on our Facebook page as both are very popular!

The main difference is of course that we choose which cross country videos are shown on our Facebook page (and are usually winners of events) whereas the videos on our website are those purchased by riders, that people simply want to watch


Top viewed videos in the past three years

The results have shown pretty clearly over the past few years that amateur riders often feature at the top of the XC Videos shown on our website

In 2018 it was Alice Goring and The Little Frenchman riding the Advanced course at Aston-Le-Walls (3) who topped the views by a country mile

In 2017 it was Zoe Traherne and Lavalla Jimmy Joe, finishing sixth in the BE90 at Oasby (1), that took the top honours - we’re sensing a theme here for watching talented small horses!



2016, the first year that we introduced our Cross Country Search Box, enabling people to search and view videos by horse or rider name, bucked the trend with one of the biggest names in the sport coming out on top.

However, it came as little surprise to us that it was William Fox-Pitt riding Parklane Hawk at the Barefoot Estates Burnham Market International in April 2016 as this was William’s first ride back in competition after a life-threatening fall at Le Lion d’Angers in October 2015


Amateur rider already on top ....

This year, an amateur rider is already on track to take the top spot with views on our website. We won’t reveal the name as it gives them an advantage (people immediately go to watch it!) but we can say that it is a male rider and the event is in the north of England. In fact, five of the riders in the Top 10 currently are male, which is unusual (last year we finished with only one in the Top 10 – well done Ben Way!), and we also have some top riders competing at 5* and 4* events currently in the Top 10

Want to watch some great cross country footage? Just put the name of the horse or rider in our Search Box here and see what you find ….

Over on our Facebook page, our cross country videos are hugely popular. Not surprisingly, our cross country video of Pippa Funnell winning at the 2019 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials is currently well in the lead with 16,000 views but we’re expecting a big push from Australian viewers this month both on our website XC Videos and on Facebook with the winning videos from the 2019 Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event