Andrew Nicholson moves to second place at Saumur

      Andrew Nicholson and Viscount  George           Photo: Libby Law


All CCI 3* horses passed the trot up this morning but we have just learnt that Andrew Nicholson, who had been stopped for an half hour yesterday on his XC tour (when Clayton had his fall), asked the jury to modify his XC time because he estimated that he had been unjustly penalized.

The judges decided to give him a time of 9'08''. That means he is now 2nd just behind Chris Burton on Holstein Park Leilani and Chris is now 3rd on Haruzac

Updated XC results at




this is Quimbo not Viscount George. Eagerly waiting the results of the SJ so as final placings put up. Aussies and Kiwi's done well to say the least, for once the French not dominating the top 10. I used to co-own Boston Two Tip ridden by Kiwi Caroline Powell.