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Kathryn White's book Life Matters: How Grief and Horses Changed My Life is a huge reminder of how we take so many things for granted in life and how we do need to make the time for the things that matter

Can you believe that the year is going so fast? From a snowy start to a steamy summer, we take a look back at the first six months of eventing in the UK ....

It’s that time of year again when we test your power of observation and memory from the 2017 eventing year around the world. Here are the answers - how did you go?

In a few weeks Shane Rose will be competing at Badminton for the first time. This excerpt from An Eventful Life – Life Stories of Eventing Champions looks at the lead-up to Shane's third place at Burghley in 2006

Talented young horses and up and coming young riders dominated October as the season drew to a close, Michael Jung was still on a roll and our top blog dealt with a weighty issue

September was HUGE! The toughest ever course at Burghley, the rain and drama at the European Championships at Blair Castle, an international affair at beautiful Blenheim and of course lots of interviews with the best of the best in the eventing world

Oliver Townend was on a roll in August with wins all over the place and in Western Australia the riders at Wooroloo were playing at being Simba the Lion King - our August 2015 eventing review

From the cold at Quirindi in Australia to beautiful Barbury in Britain, eventing was in full swing and Team USA could sigh with relief at finally qualifying for Rio in July

From Bramham to Luhmuhlen and Melbourne, the events were coming thick and fast with the girls doing well in June and a farewell blog to Favorit Z by Imogen Mercer won the hearts of our readers

The cutest press conference of the year and our meeting with Badminton winner Chilli Morning were a couple of our eventing highlights from May 2015 but there were plenty more at events in Australia and the UK