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Eventing Interviews

“When I got to Rio Olympics, I couldn’t help thinking ‘At least I’ve proved my (school) Careers Advisor wrong!’” Ruth Gregory visits British Olympian Kitty King at home to find out more about Kitty’s career so far, her horses and the team around her

Video Interview: It is always great to catch up for a chat with legends of our sport - especially when they are as much fun as Blyth Tait and Bettina Hoy

Samantha Clark talks to David Doel about competing in Europe, the Badminton celebrations, his mentors and links with Australia through Olympian Wendy Schaeffer (who may be a gold medallist but not a very good nanny!)

Video Interview: The USA's Emily Hamel talks to Samantha Clark about her first Badminton completion, her impressions of England so far, and what she’s hoping to accomplish in the lead up to her next 5* at Burghley

"My ultimate goal with him would be Badminton, maybe in a few years” Ibble Watson has backed up her win of the 2021 British Junior Championship by taking the 2022 British Young Rider Champion title on board the exuberant Aristoteles S Z

Find out more about 21-year-old Edward Darby, who has been named as part of the Australian Young Rider team for the Oceania Championships

“I felt I had some unfinished business and it’s hard to squash those ambitions” says New Zealand’s Bundy Philpott of her current overseas campaign in the UK

Oliver Townend has announced the retirement of Cooley Master Class, 'a fantastic competition partner but moreover a very dear friend’, as you'll see in our video

General Manager of New Zealand's High Performance Programme, Jock Paget may not get the ‘knot in his stomach’ anymore when he drives in through the gates of Badminton House but the 2013 winner still has a big job to do

Come behind the scenes at home with European Champion, Nicola Wilson in Part 2 of our Feature Interview