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Eventing Interviews

 Interview: “It’s all about survival of the fittest and we’re going to be one of those” William Fox-Pitt tells Samantha Clark, although it seems that things are not so bright on the survival front for the pigeons …..

Meet Ellie Fredericks – one of Britain’s leading junior eventing riders with some famous Australian parents

Peter Nixon is one of the elite equestrian photographers who shoot at major events around the world; we caught up with him to find out what it's like on the other side of the lens

“Our motto is to prepare to prepare to win and it’s all about the planning and preparation before the event” Australia's Amanda Ross talks about Tokyo 2020

"I've had a great innings" says Blyth Tait, an eventing legend who has decided to retire from elite level competition

Visiting Kelecyn for the Tamborine ODE was the ideal opportunity to catch up with Charlotte Price and find out more about Kelecyn horses, McNab Eventing and CPM Equestrian on both sides of the world

Queensland born and now UK based Australian eventing rider Chris Burton has been inducted into the Equestrian Queensland Hall of Fame in 2020

How Kate Ingham balances her commitments as an eventing rider and event organiser with a full-time job in a senior executive position in the WA State Government.

24 year old Irish rider Susie Berry has an exciting year ahead with a new yard, supportive owners and a talented team of horses

Ireland's up and coming star Susie Berry has an exciting 2020 ahead .....