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Eventing Interviews

‘A Day With Piggy March’ would not be complete without watching some of the horses under saddle and we learn more about the March Stud breeding programme

Stuart Tinney is an advocate of campaigning for major eventing Championships from Australia but the impact of the pandemic on Australian eventing means that an overseas campaign is on the cards in 2022

“Olympic competition has changed. Should we let the Olympics guide the future of our sport?” Kyle Carter, Doug Payne and Lauren Kieffer gave their thoughts at the Eventing is Evolving panel discussion at the USEA Convention

"There was such an empty space where the focus had been" Much of ‘A Day With Piggy March’ was spent listening to Piggy describe the happenings of 2021 and asking her questions - no holds barred

Video Interview: "This job has been the best experience of my life" says supergroom Rachel Watts who has travelled the world with Australian Olympian Shane Rose and his horses but is now starting a new chapter of her life

“I think I’ll be very lucky if I ever have another season like this” says the 2021 BE100 Open Under 18 British Champion Annie Smith, but things are looking good for 2022

“Growing up, I loved going to other peoples’ yards" says Piggy March. Now it's our turn to go behind the scenes at Maidwell Lodge during the recent ‘Day With Piggy March. The Story of 2021; Tokyo to Avenches’

After a long period of lockdown and the disappointment of Tokyo 2020 for the Tinney family, Gemma Tinney has her eyes set on 2022, including an overseas campaign

“We have to get better” says Phillip Dutton as the four members of the Tokyo 2020 U.S. Eventing Team - Phillip, Boyd Martin, Doug Payne and Tamie Smith - gave an insight to their experiences at Tokyo 2020 and look forward to Paris 2024

“I want to feel I can start the competition day without a gut-wrenching fear of the result before I’ve even given it a try” The desire to succeed and fear of failure is one that many eventers feel - we talk to two amateur riders about how they deal with it