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A socially distant model for British Eventing sport resumption


British Eventing has provided an overview of how competition will look when restrictions are lifted to the level permitting the restart of eventing competition in England

A model for a ‘socially distanced’ sport has been released which provides event organisers and competitors with guidelines to create an environment for safe sport


Some of the key points include:

No extra Public or Spectators, Companion Horses, Non Competing Horses or Dogs at any time on venue.

Control of the number of people and competitors on venue will mean a reduction of overall

competitor numbers within a day and multiple rides in a day may be reduced e.g. Single Horse Riders  will be allowed a maximum of two people on venue (Rider plus 1 support) while riders with Multiple Horses (2 or more) will be allowed a maximum of three people on venue (Rider + 2 support). Owners will be allowed on site to a maximum of one per horse


Social Distance Protocols - Non compliance by any BE member will result in horses being disqualified from competition and no future entries will be accepted until further notice.

Enforcement - It is anticipated all outdoor events will be closely scrutinised by enforcement agencies, all on venue must strictly follow all guidelines and protocols that are in place for the safe continuation of the sport.

Accessing Volunteers – Riding membership may be encouraged or mandated to provide a volunteer shift in return for entries to allow the sport to resume.

Operational Changes and Protocols – These will be captured in rule changes/amendments where necessary and will be a condition of entry.

Rider Responsibility - Up to date Information, Alert Levels & Protocol Updates will be available on BE and BEF Website – Please check prior to training & competing.

Social Distancing Protocol will be in place at all at all times with a 10 metre space in between parked lorries and trailers and a ‘Just in Time’ policy  where competitors may be given ‘Arrival & Exit’ times to ensure the event meets any gathering restrictions

“As yet the lifting of restrictions does not permit the restart of competition” says BE CEO Jude Matthews “There has been a lot of work behind the scenes to work on a model for ‘socially distanced’ sport, and we are working with our organisers to ensure that plans are viable and achievable”


View the full document here and the British Eventing Update here