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Andrew Hoy discusses at what height and how often riders should school their horse on cross country

Video: Soft hands over a fence and straightness were the two key points for the Australian Young Rider champion Gemma Tinney in this training session at home with her dad and dual Olympic medallist Stuart

Heat stress in horses

With the heatwave in some parts of Australia horse riders need to take particular care when exercising their horses. Here are some quick tips to help avoid heat stress in your horse

An Eventful Life is pleased to announce a collaboration with British Eventing to bring more cross country coverage to eventing fans worldwide

We take a look around various villages to visit in eventing areas, starting with a famous name synonymous with Burghley and hunting, Cottesmore in Rutland

Make use of 'training wheels' in schooling narrow fences says Captain Mark Phillips

While we will miss Pluto Mio, Keyflow N.O.P., Hop and Skip, Chilli Morning and Clifton Promise in 2017 it was great to see these horses retire happy and healthy at the top of their sport

Can I?  Should I?  How do I? At some stage if you are any good as a rider, and if you love what you do, and simply cannot imagine doing anything else the thought comes to you: “Maybe I can become a professional at this…”

The FEI is advertising for the positions of Chair of Eventing Committee and Member of Eventing Committee and is encouraging women to nominate

Confidence in riding

We all know that we ride better when we’re more confident. Human performance coach Jon Pitts provides us with a greater understanding of what lies beneath confidence and how it can be made more resilient.