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Tristan Tucker

The Australian dressage rider Tristan Tucker, aka Brett Kidding, impressed the crowds at Olympia - watch the very funny full video of his performance

Chilli Morning retires to stud today - we take a look back at our video interview with Jackie Potts and the laid back Chilli straight after he became the first stallion in Badminton history to win the coveted trophy

So you are thinking about working with horses in the UK? Sarah Huntley debunks some common myths and advises what you actually DO need to do in order to work in the UK and how to go about it

A Young Eventing Horse competition is to be held at the PSI Dressage & Jumping with the Stars in Victoria in March

This made us laugh so hard so hard we had to share, especially the bit "She just goes around in circles, why couldn't she be an eventer" and of course, the Squad!

“The shoulder-in is the key to all issues in the dressage" Part 2 of our review of the Christopher Bartle Eventing Dressage Masterclass in Adelaide

Michael Jung hasn't been sitting around waiting for Santa and Antipodean riders have made moves in the final FEI World Eventing rankings of 2016. Who ranks where heading into 2017?

We talk to Jock Paget about being back in New Zealand and Sir Mark Todd about the changes to Championship level eventing "I don’t think that dumbing it down to 3* level is good for the sport”

2016 was a big year for eventing but who stood out for us and why?

Video: Take a look back on the year of eventing through some of our favourite photographs