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Hamish Cargill's Eventful Life

Sandhills Tiger

RIP Sandhills Tiger. Hamish Cargill remembers his old friend who has provided him with so many memorable moments at events around the world

Hamish Cargill gives us his opinion on the addictive and difficult world of buying and selling horses

French rider

Bored with reviews of what happened in 2013 (sigh, and we're working so hard on them), Hamish Cargill has some predictions for the eventing world in 2014

Hamish Cargill gives us his opinion on last week's 'positive test' news

Hamish Cargill gives us his thoughts on selling horses and coming up with that 'unique' advert

Hamish Cargill eventing humour

It's that time of year again when the tax man beckons. But Hamish Cargill has some advice for eventers who are not natural book keepers and it involves shoes

Andrew Nicholson

Hamish Cargill looks at the part of all of us that gets upset when those around us succeed - especially when they beat you in eventing

Hamish Cargill tries his hand at reporting in true Today Tonight style!

Hamish Cargill takes a look at the big part that jodphurs have to play in boys coming into (or not coming into) the equestrian world

Hamish Cargill has some unique and quirky suggestions as to how riders should 'get fit' for the coming season ... and yes it does involve a chair on a car!