Eventing News

The numbers of starters and competitions continue to grow, horse falls are declining and recommendations for a 'medical return to play rule' made

Final results from the 2018 Pakenham Pony Club Horse Trials

Eventing cross country rider videos

Our 2018 UK Cross Country Calendar is now published with some events still to be finalised

Will your horse stand still for the vet or other requirements? Equine vet and behaviourist Gemma Pearson has some handy hints to help keep everyone safe

Video: A little preparation can have a big impact on horse, owner and vet safety. Gemma Pearson provides easy techniques to help horse owners prepare their horses to be quiet, relaxed and safe for equine injections

Sally Symonds Bosu training for horse riders

All horse riders know that developing core stability and strength can help their riding, whatever their level or equestrian discipline.Fitness expert, Sally Symonds suggests some bosu exercises that can help

Video: Angela Tucker works with Pippa Funnell and her home bred gelding Billy Walk On, using poles on the ground to improve the trot and canter

“I had a baby boy in 2017 and that was the highlight of my year!” Chris Burton looks back at 2017 and forward to the coming Championship year

Equestrian performance psychologist Charlie Unwin explores the intuitive qualities and mental skills that separate high achievers from the rest, in particular the skill of ‘visualisation’

There is no doubt about it – people in this sport love to hug! Here is our video with favourites from the past year ...