Horse & Rider Training Tips

Fiona Hawkes and Mary King

Mary King shows a simple exercise jumping two small fences to teach your horse to land on the leg that you want them to

Time to tone up and get fit - you, not the horse! Sime simple but effective fitness exercises for the horse rider in this video from EventionTV


We'll be bringing you the words of wisdom from Sir Mark Todd, Mike Etherington-Smith, David O'Connor and Ian Woodhead at the International Eventing Forum

Mary King demonstrates how to effectively use pole exercises to improve the adjustability of your horse's stride at all levels

Nicole Stewart of Think Forward Coaching suggests how to improve your results by enhancing your mental fitness

William Fox-Pitt explains why he uses a neck strap and how he has convinced nearly all the British team that they should wear one too!


Dom and Jimmie Schramm share some great tips and exercises for training horses that rush their fences in this EventionTV video

It’s not easy keeping all your emotions under control when you are riding and competing but Dr Elizabeth Pummell explains how you can accept what goes on in your mind rather than trying to change it


It was smiles all round at the Chris Burton clinic where riders learnt the importance of going forward and not nagging your horse

Wendy Schaeffer analyses how each rider rode the Grand Prix course and jump-off at Olympia with some video clips to show how it was done