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Horse management

Does my bum big look big in these quarter markings? Add polish to your performance with our top tips for sparkling presentation

Head to your local store and you could pick up some great items for your stableyard

Travelling for an extended period of time requires extra considerations to ensure your horse arrives at his destination, or competition, in the best health possible to perform

Does your first aid kit for horses include everything it should?

In accordance with the FEI Veterinary Regulations 2022 the FEI Horse Health Requirements are being rolled out globally as of 1 January 2022

A manageable routine and sensible paddock management go a long way to keeping horses happy

Piggy March is always quick to praise the team behind her and the ‘system’ to her success. Imagine then attending a Professional Horse Care day to meet her team who willingly share those systems

Did anyone happen to notice what looked like a large bowling ball being dropped at points around the cross country course at Blenheim International Horse Trials this year? This video will explain why

"How open are we to views that challenge our own way of seeing? And when – if ever – should opinion overrule fact? I hope you agree that this is a very pertinent debate that should engage a lively discussion". Video of an interesting and informative World Horse Welfare Conference 2021

Heat stress in horses

When heatwaves happen, rides need to take particular care when exercising their horses. Here are some quick tips to help avoid heat stress in your horse