Horse management

Heat stress in horses

When heatwaves happen, rides need to take particular care when exercising their horses. Here are some quick tips to help avoid heat stress in your horse

The British Equestrian Trade Association’s National Equestrian Survey 2019 reveals an increase in horse riding but a decrease in horse ownership over the past five years

The FEI Risk Management Statistics Report 2007 – 2018 has been published showing improvements in rotational fall statistics but an increase in 2018 of falls on the flat and the highest percentage of Seriously Injured Riders from Non-Rotational Falls since 2010

Major stakeholders in the British equine industry establish a COBRA-style Emergency Response Group to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases across UK horses

A new initiative by the British Grooms Association has seen the launch of the International Competition Grooms Group (ICGG), open to grooms around the world

Why the current UK Equine Influenza outbreaks differ to Australia's situation in 2007 and advice regarding equine flu for UK and Australian horse owners from equine vet Chris Elliott

The transportation of horses to and from Europe is being closely looked at in preparation for the UK leaving the European Union

“It is a long term investment in our young riders. This is where the next Sir Mark Todd, Blyth Tait and Jock Paget will come from.” New Zealand’s National Equestrian Centre at Taupo is now officially open

Could Burghley or Badminton be poo-powered in future years? The 2018 Helsinki International Horse Show didn’t just generate enough sustainable energy to power its own event, it managed to produce a surplus thanks to horse manure .....

Video: A session during the recent FEI Sports Forum in Lausanne was dedicated to the topic of the health and performance of both human and equine athletes in challenging climatic conditions