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Horse & Rider Training Tips

Australian Olympians Sam Griffiths and Shane Rose talk about how they approach a big event such as Burghley, including what their thoughts are in the Start Box and as they come over the finish line ....


Have you ever noticed how quickly you can grasp an idea when you are shown something rather than just told it? There is no beter way to learn than to watch an expert do it ....

Watch Amilia Schooley's ride around the Australian International 3 Day Event and listen to the feedback and coaching advice from Lucinda and Lissa Green in their cross country video analysis

The Virtual Windsor Series in September is hosting a Jumping Equitation class designed for eventing riders around the world and Francis Whittington gives a video demo look at how it works

What can you learn from having your cross country video reviewed by top British coach, Caroline Moore? Eventing vlogger Megan Elphick shows us .......

Can I?  Should I?  How do I? At some stage if you are any good as a rider, and if you love what you do, and simply cannot imagine doing anything else the thought comes to you: “Maybe I can become a professional at this…”

'True champions are there because in the difficult times their foundations stand strong and they can resist challenge' But there are techniques to help everyone ride more safely and with greater confidence

William Fox-Pitt

"If we’re going to improve then, it is important we find out more about what it takes to be a top rider" How Sports Science helps us to understand what is happening when we ride

British Eventing resumes this week. Here's everything you need to know about the safe resumption of sport in the British Eventing Guide for Return to Eventing


How cross country video coaching can improve your performance. Watch the video analysis of Sarah Young riding Equador MV in the CCI3*-L at Puhinui International Horse Trials in New Zealand by Lucinda and Lissa Green