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Horse & Rider Training Tips

“I knew I would have to change something quite drastically if I was going to be competitive at the top level” Ros Canter explains why she came to the conclusion that she would have to change her way of riding and what she did about it

Here are five quick and easy warm-up exercises that will get you ready to ride WHILE you're getting your horse ready to ride!

Take a ride around the BE100 at Burnham Market International 2019 with Gracie Tyte and the adorable Liskillen Prince

‘There’s something for everyone in these exercises’ says Dickie Waygood in the Dressage Unwrapped session with Pippa Funnell at Olympia

We sit in on a blustery clinic with William Fox-Pitt in Melbourne where the mantra for riders is 'let's get on with it' and horses need to be 'thinking for themselves, safe and nice to ride'

The focus of the 2020 FEI Eventing Summit in January will be The Future of Eventing – What should eventing look like in 10 years?

Another world class educator – William Micklem – has just been added to the panel of speakers at the International Eventing Forum 2020

“You’ve got to be strong enough in your own mind to work for what you want” Piggy French shared some of the principles and exercises that helped her win a record-breaking 15 international competitions in 2019 at her lecture/demonstration

It's ta-ta to top hats when the mandatory requirement for protective headgear to be worn in all FEI eventing competitions comes into force on 1st January 2021 

Eventing legend Andrew Nicholson and Grand National winning jockey Robbie Power will headline the 2020 International Eventing Forum at Hartpury Equine College in February 2020