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Horse & Rider Training Tips

The World Champion and other top riders took advantage of training competition days at Shelford Manor and Aston-Le-Walls last week and some hope to see the concept continued

People talk about horse sport as being a “confidence sport” and that we ride better when we are more confident. But what creates confidence, and how does it make us ride better?

For those re-commencing competition soon, make sure you're up to date with new Equestrian Australia eventing rules that came into force on July 1st

We'd love your feedback - which angle would you prefer when we're filming on cross country?

Important steps to think about when designing your own fitness routine, and then go through a full body workout to do at home to strengthen your riding endurance and stability

Top eventing coaches Lucinda and Lissa Green and Caroline Moore are ready to analyse your cross country video ride and give advice for improvement in the competition environment

Riders need their legs around the horse, knees slightly pointed out to prevent gripping, heels down to lower their center of gravity, strong, upright positions, and soft/swinging hips. Here are exercises to help you achieve that

“Have you ever finished a cross country round and thought, wow, that was flawless? Well, not me!” says Hannah Craft as she takes a critical but humorous look at her ride around Keysoe (1) last year

An area often overlooked by riders is mobility; Lil Wischer provides a stretching routine series that you can do anytime, anywhere 

One of the best ways to improve your back, chest, and shoulder riding posture is by strengthening these muscles off the horse. Lil Wischer's exercises this week focus on those key areas