Horse & Rider Training Tips

“I find these videos so useful, nothing beats them, to evaluate your round and see if everything went to plan or not to plan” The European Junior Champion Bubby Upton talks us through her winning CIC2* ride at Belton International on board Eros DHI

“Sitting on horses has a risk to it, so it becomes about risk management" The video review of the Eventing Risk Management presentation by David O'Connor at the FEI Sports Forum


Skinny fences and curving lines require good control of the horse by the rider but first you need to test your brakes. See what Chris Burton suggests in this training video

Governing bodies around the world are making big moves to improve eventing risk management whilst growing the sport but there are still some sobering facts such as the final statistic of 1 fatal fall every 14,369 starters

Video: We're ready to start the 2018 eventing year in the UK!

Ever had a problem worming your horse or giving other oral medication? This video provides some very handy tips

The numbers of starters and competitions continue to grow, horse falls are declining and recommendations for a 'medical return to play rule' made

A rider fall on course during any phase of a British Eventing competition will now result in elimination

Will your horse stand still for the vet or other requirements? Equine vet and behaviourist Gemma Pearson has some handy hints to help keep everyone safe

Video: A little preparation can have a big impact on horse, owner and vet safety. Gemma Pearson provides easy techniques to help horse owners prepare their horses to be quiet, relaxed and safe for equine injections