Emma Scott

Win a lesson on Emma Scott's wonderful horse Mustang whilst at the same time helping a friend of Emma's with her breast cancer treatment

'It's been a good time for events and for good country weddings' says blogger Emma Scott

Emma Scott takes a look back at her year while looking forward to enjoying her second favourite thing - water skiing

Emma Scott takes a little bit of time to reflect on all things Olympics while her top horse, Mustang, enjoys some time out in the paddock

After a great performance at Sydney 3DE with Mustang, Emma now heads for Melbourne to run in the 'special' CNC class.

The BIG Sydney selection event is closing in and the excitement is intensifying!!! Luckily my truck has been fixed so I can get there..

" It is a very interesting experience making the maiden voyage towards the dream of the Olympic Games!" says Emma Scott in her latest blog

Great news has greeted me and fired me right up into making this year the best and most exciting yet. Being added to the National 'A' squad and listed on the Shadow Team leading into London is a great way to kick the year into action.

A quick update from Emma Scott after the last event of the year at Lakes and Craters 3DE

WOW Adelaide was fantastic !!!!! Mustang the Champ was placed 7th!!!!! Yay and I won an award for being the highest placed first time four star competitor!!!!


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