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Eventing Interviews

Peter Shaw has got to be one of the most charismatic coaches in Australia, but along with his charm is a vast depth of knowledge, which has been acquired by being involved with horses and coaching for more years than he probably cares to remember

When we spoke to Paige Gready we discovered that her eventing role model was Shane Rose … or was she actually saying she would be a good role model for Shane, after all she did finish on her dressage score at Albury!

Lizzie Brown and Mark Webber

New Zealand eventer Lizzie Brown is preparing for a big year ahead by improving her fitness, helped by a man usually associated with horsepower of a different kind - racing car star Mark Webber

Boyd Martin and Phillip Dutton

With Boyd Martin out of commission due to a broken tibia, friend and fellow ex-Aussie rider has Phillip Dutton has stepped in to lend a hand

Seumas Marwood and Wild Oats

Seumas Marwood has been to Badminton before but as a selector; now the shoe is very much on the other foot as he heads to the UK with his talented mare Wild Oats and the rest of the ‘tribe’. We caught up with Seumas and Dani Marwood to find out more about the big trip

Fiona Gruen has been involved with horses throughout her life but these days she combines her love of horses with another important role when it comes to eventing – that of ‘Person in charge of Media’ at Canberra Horse Trials

NSW Eventing’s volunteer of year, Tina Stafford, is a member of the TS Jamaimo syndicate and told us she ‘owns the legs, because they can jump really well!”

Christopher Bartle

Emily Penney caught up with Christopher Bartle at the recent 'Modern Eventing' clinic at Hartpury College to find out how 2014 is shaping up for one of the most respected coaches and riders in the eventing world

In 2012 Louise Barnes went through a very rough patch when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but a few years down the track Louise is in remission and knows it was her love for eventing that helped her get through the tough times

Jodie Newall spent this morning judging at Canberra and had some interesting things to say about how riders could easily improve their marks.