Eventing Rider Blogs

It occurred to me that this is one way for my kids to read about life when I’m either lying in hospital with amnesia after a stack or lost my marbles from dementia (I think I’d rather the former)

As I write this I am getting on a plane to come home after a month away in America at Boyd and Silva Martin’s property in Pennsylvania with a side trip to Rolex Kentucky

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again....... eventing is a great leveller and sometimes just plain cruel

A DipACVSMR on the end of his name, residence in a new country and the job of vetting at Badminton, Barbury, Blair and Turkmenistan (yes, really) - welcome back Chris Elliott!

March was a big month for nominations and honours then April brought Gemma her first 3* win and the Australian National Championship

Time and tide may wait for no man but neither does the Badminton Event Director Hugh Thomas so there was little doubt we were going to miss the official preview but luckily not the lunch .......

Imogen Mercer may no longer be Head Girl for the Griffiths Eventing Team but she can't stay away when it's Badminton time. Follow Imogen's blog from the heart of the action with Sam Griffiths' horses during the big event

Only a horse owner would find it reassuring when their house sitter says “Don’t worry. I love pus” and he’s not talking about the cat

What to do when the wheels fall off? Take a quick moment to yourself. Don't listen to negativity, but do listen to ideas and constructive criticism - listening to praise is just as important!

The master, the legend, the icon. The one and only George Morris! And somehow I was lucky enough to score three lessons with him .........