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"Sport transcends all. And to play one’s small role in something bigger is pretty special" Chris Elliott has had some unusual but satisfying equine vetting adventures and the 2018 diary is looking pretty full at more traditional venues

With now only a few days to go before Ben Leathers heads to his first competition of the year, there is a MET Office Amber weather warning of snow with -15 degrees wind chill for the next few days ... Great!!

What does a small cabin at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre have to do with winning gold medals?

It may be a rowdy Awards night for the Tinneys and which one would you prefer as a coach?

Adelaide was, as always, an amazing event but saddened with the passing of its founder Gill Rolton

"Well you know when you have a bad to average event it makes you more determined for the next!" Tinney Eventing head to Adelaide on a good note 

No Adelaide preparations for me this year but that doesn’t mean life has been boring or not as busy. Spring has arrived in Tasmania and that means... babies!

Nearly a trifecta of wins at Sydney @ SIEC (but for those dratted boots!) and the new German horses are settling in well at Tinney Eventing

"Find what you love and find who you love, then hold on tight (and heels down) for the short ride that is life"

Whatever the result at an event, I need to remember that today is called the present and that is a gift and I am grateful to be involved in the sport of eventing