Eventing Rider Blogs

Nearly a trifecta of wins at Sydney @ SIEC (but for those dratted boots!) and the new German horses are settling in well at Tinney Eventing

"Find what you love and find who you love, then hold on tight (and heels down) for the short ride that is life"

Whatever the result at an event, I need to remember that today is called the present and that is a gift and I am grateful to be involved in the sport of eventing

A lot of miles, several big events and a brief respite .............

Whilst we may be good at training horses I feel we failed when it came to training our Jack Russells – if it is even possible to train a Jack Russell!

Three new horses from Germany have arrived at Tinney Eventing after a shopping trip and holiday in Europe

Sometimes an injury provides a reason to change riding techniques as Alice Hirst discovered in her clinic with Prue Barrett

A delayed flight to the FEI European Eventing Championships ended in arrival at Disneyland

Nearly, nearly! Mighty Will the boldest pony in the world and I dipped our toes into the scary waters of three star and we were a whisker away from making it to shore... a whisker!


WOW - it’s midyear already! Two major 3 Day Events within a month of each other, an Australian win, the Caitlyn Fischer award and Young Event Horse title all made the past few weeks special