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What a year! This season caps off 12 months of intensity, drama and success

"I’ve got a new horse to ride!  His name is Chaka and he’s a 7YO TB and he’s not evented before I started riding him" Kate MacKenzie updates us on her eventing life and celebrates a wedding anniversary in the best way

"I have had the most incredible and almost indescribable times, met some life-long friends, travelled through Europe, been to an Olympic Games, developed skills and as a person" Imogen Mercer looks back on five years as Head Girl for Sam Griffiths

A very exciting Aus3DE, wins at the Riders Series Showjumping, Pluto is home and the Rio medals are being taken to school!

Since arriving home from the UK, Molly Barry has been focussed on preparing La Muso for Adelaide and Wallaby Hill with some changes in routine

I have come to the unsurprising conclusion that I am a rubbish blogger…my last one was a summary of a year, and now this one is nearly a summary of two years

57 vets on cross country day, celebrating the 'bronzed' Aussies and next stop Tokyo 2020 - Chris Elliott wraps up his Rio 2016 Olympic experience

So what was the equestrian at Rio 2016 Olympics really like? Re-live the Olympics through the eyes of equine vet Christopher Elliott as he takes us through the dream he has finally fulfilled

"I am on the mainland again. Possibly for three months. Eventing. With a dislocated shoulder. Woo!" Alice Hirst is one determined girl ......

At last Stuart has returned with his fabulous prize! An amazing BRONZE medal